Apply Textured, Paintable Wallpaper to Furniture

Wallpaper doesn't have to be just for walls and textured, paintable wallpaper brings detail when applied to plain furniture.



Update an Old Table with Graphic Mosaic Tiles

Take an old table or two and cover with graphic white or black mosaic tiles for an eye-catching feature for the home.



Gilders Paste is Great for Furniture

Gilders paste is a mixture of wax and metallic or organic pigments that can be applied to metal, wood, glass, ceramics, leather, and more.



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Give An Old Coffee Table a Makeover

These days it is all about upcycling and we offer some crafty ways to give an old coffee table a makeover.



Art and Crafts with Nespresso Pods or Capsules

Way back in 2013, I ran a few articles on various arts and crafts that used Nespresso capsules and since then this craze has exploded even further with ideas for arts and crafts.



Upcycle Storage Cupboards or Bookshelves into Display Cabinets

Still busy turning the DIY Divas workshop space into a lounge, now I am going to show you how I upcycled my two workshop and tool storage cabinets into display cabinets for the living room.



Make New Doors for Old Furniture

There are plenty of ways to give old furniture a new look and in this article, we explain how to install new doors for a more modern piece.



Recycle Wrapping Paper and Christmas Cards

If there are two things you will see plenty of at this time of the year, it is wrapping paper and Christmas cards and we have a few ideas on how you can save and use these.



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Christmas Craft: Recycle Wooden Coat Hangers into Christmas Stars

With the trend for recycling, what better way to put this into action that to make your Christmas decor using items you already have in the home.



Upcycle and Old Lampshade with Twine and Wood

Upcycling is all about taking something old or useless and giving it a new purpose, like using a lampshade frame and using natural twine or wood to craft an organic lampshade.



Upcycle Old Shirts into Kiddies Clothing

Anyone handy with a sewing machine will enjoy this post that looks at upcycling old shirts into kiddies clothing.



Quick Project: Make Rope Storage Baskets for Child's Bedroom

To make rope storage baskets all you need is a recycled plastic bottle or container, a large piece of cardboard and fabric and some rope.



Upcycle an Old Coffee Table with Tile

These days it is all about upcycling, taking something old and perhaps unwanted and turning it into a feature piece for your home, like this old coffee table given a new life with a tile top.



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Crafty Ideas For Re-Purposing Glass Food Jars

Everyone purchases grocery items that come in glass food jars and there are so many ways to re-purpose these into pretty storage containers for the home.



Turn An Old Piano Seat Into A Hairdressing Station

Here's how you can re-purpose an old piece of furniture, in this case, a piano seat, into a modern stool that is also a hairdressing station for all your hair stuff.



Ways To Repurpose Old Sweaters

When sorting through old sweaters and deciding which are still good enough to wear, don't throw old ones out - try one of these great ways to repurpose old sweaters.



Recycle or Upcycle Ice Cream Tubs

Don't throw out those ice cream tubs when there are so many ways to recycle or upcycle these for use in the home.



Recycle Boxes to Make Gift Boxes

The cost of ready-made gift boxes makes it an expensive purchase for many, but rather save the money and make gift boxes recycling boxes you probably already have at home.



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Upcycling: Make Wooden Lids for Tins

When you have vintage tins or biscuit tins, making a wooden lid for these means you can use them after the biscuits are gone!



Recycle a Tree Stump into Stylish Side Table

It's so easy to recycle a tree stump into a stylish side table for a rustic yet sophisticated piece for your living room.



Don't Throw out your HTH or Paint Buckets

If you regularly buy an HTH bucket or have some paint buckets leftover, check underneath to ensure they have a recycle #5 stamped on the base and you can use these to store or grow plants.


How To Add Colour To Glass Jars And Glass Containers

When you enjoy recycling glass food containers or glass jars, being able to add some colour to these means you can find even more uses for them.



Ways to Recycle Plastic Bags at Home

Recycling continues to be a lifestyle for many, with ideas for using plastic bags at home just one of the ways you can be involved in saving the environment.



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What Could Be Hiding Underneath Stain or Varnish

There may come a time when you buy a piece of secondhand furniture only to be blown away by what is hidden underneath coats of stain or varnish.



Recycled Tyre and Materials for Unique Outdoor Seating

Who knew you could turn old tyres and materials into unique outdoor seating.



Make Reclaimed Pallet Furniture Look Good

I'm all for the fact that reclaimed pallet wood is great for making furniture, but at least make sure it looks good too!



Make a Bird Feeder using Plastic Salad Containers

When buying certain ready-made foods, they are presented in plastic salad containers that are great for turning into bird feeders.



How To Upcycle a Food Can into a Cheese Grater

It's amazing how clever people are becoming with recycling, and this project to turn a tin can into a cheese grater is simply creative brilliance.



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Colourful Craft Ideas for Recycling Plastic Bottles

Everyone on the planet needs to recycle plastic more than we do to keep plastic off our landfills and out of our oceans, so here are some colourful crafts that use plastic bottles and bottle caps.


Recycle Aluminium Cans and Lids into Wind Spinner

Aluminium cans are something used every day in most households, so it's nice to find a way to recycle these at home rather than toss them into the dustbin. Why not make a wind spinner using cans and lids?


Recycling Projects for the Kids

With a week to go of lockdown, and who knows how much longer until the kids go back to school, here's a selection of clever recycling projects the kids can do with plastic bottles.



Recycle a Plastic Bottle into a Family Toothbrush Holder

When a family shares a bathroom, you always need extra storage for everyone's bathroom essentials, like this recycled plastic bottle turned into a family toothbrush holder.



Make Beautiful Roses using Egg Cartons

One of our most popular posts ever was that of recycling egg cartons to make beautiful roses that can be used to embellish decor accessories or be painted to look good on their own.



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All our Favourite Recycling or Upcycling Projects

Recycling - or upcycling - is all about repurposing items in new ways rather than throwing them out, so we compiled a list of all our favourite projects.



So Many Easy Ways to Transform a Bookcase

A bookcase is one of those essential furniture pieces that every home should have, and we have some easy way to turn a plain bookcase into a standout feature you will love.



Use Fabric Scraps and Old Clothes to Make a Rag Rug

Rag rugs are a very easy way to make use of any leftover fabric scraps or put old clothes to good use, and rag rugs are very easy to make.



100% recycled craft centre

Made using recycled plastic milk containers and cardboard boxes, this craft centre has plenty of storage compartments for all your craft supplies and is easily carried around.



Yoghurt cup drawer divider or organiser

Use yoghurt cups to make drawer dividers, craft and hobby storage containers, makeup or jewellery organisers. All you need is a tray of yoghurt cups, a glue gun and a can of Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint to make nifty organisers that you can use for storage.


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Old Hutch becomes an Amazing Fireplace Feature

See how an old pine hutch is transformed into an amazing fireplace feature at very little cost and with readily available materials.

Turn old Bicycle Wheel into Unique Wall Clock

If you've got an old bicycle that you want to toss out - see how you can transform this into a unique wall clock for your home.

DIY Reclaimed Pallet Garden Lounger

Here's a comfortable twist on the pallet chair - this reclaimed pallet wood lounger is a great place to relax on weekends.

Unusual yet practical ways to recycle glass Wine Bottles

If you love to recycle, try one of these unusual yet practical ideas to recycle glass wine bottles.



Use old CDs to make unique Wall Art

If you still have some old CDs lying around that you don't use anymore, here are some great ways to turn them into unique and interesting wall art.



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Quick Project: Turn a washing machine drum into a braai

Before you chuck out that old washing machine, see how you can use the stainless steel drum to make a braai for your patio or deck.



Upcycle old furniture into statement pieces

Don't throw out an old piece of furniture when you can upcycle with a new look to transform it into a statement piece for your home.



Upholstered ottoman made from pallet wood

While I'm not a fan of finished pallet wood, I do like the idea of using pallet wood for projects where you can save some money and this upholstered ottoman is one of those projects.



Make Stylish Bags with recycled plastic bags

Find out how to make your own stylish bags using recycled waste plastic - a project you can easily do at home.



Great Ideas using Leftover Bricks

Got some leftover bricks from a project and not sure what to do with them? Take a look at some great ideas for using leftover bricks.



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Make a designer clutch from recycled materials

Use recycled materials to make your own clutch bag for a special occasion.



Cardboard Crafts for Kids

If you are looking for ways to recycle cardboard and cardboard boxes, check out some of these crazy cool crafts for kids.

Recycled Plastic Bottle into Tool Caddy

Here's a wonderful way to recycle plastic bottles and make a handy tool caddy for your home workshop.

Quick Project: How to make a no-mess pour nozzle

Recycle a plastic bottle into a no-mess pour nozzle and forget about cleaning up.

Recycle Plastic Bottles to Organise your Home Office

Recycle plastic shampoo or cleaning bottles to make this handy organiser for your home office, craft or hobby room.

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Cardboard and rope baskets

Recycle cardboard boxes into practical storage baskets with rope or twine for affordable home storage.

Recycle Plastic Bottle for Bathroom Caddy

Here's a fun way to recycle plastic bottles to make attractive storage caddies for a bathroom.

Clothing Rail using a Tree Branch

Make a stylish clothing rail using a tree branch to hang all your clothes and add a unique touch to your bedroom or dressing room.

Upcycling a dated secondhand dresser

Upcycling, particularly if you have found a secondhand bargain, is a great way to add new pieces of furniture to your home.

Quick Project: Upcycle a Pine Dresser with Paint and Paper!

Do you have a pine dresser or chest of drawers at home in desperate need of a makeover? Try this paint and paper method and completely transform a plain piece of furniture!

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Shoebox transforms into a Beauty Product Holder

I'm all for recycling in any way that I can and enjoy projects using cardboard boxes, like this cardboard box turned into a handy beauty product holder.

Quick Project: Nail Polish Carousel

This quick and easy 10-minute project shows how to make a nail polish carousel using a fidget spinner and a few items you probably already have.

Ways to Recycle Plastic Crates

While sorting out my current kitchen storage, I came across some plastic crates that I want to recycle and found some great ideas for recycling plastic crates.

Recycle all those Cardboard Boxes

Christmas is done and dusted, so here are some projects to make use of all those left over cardboard boxes.

Refresh tired Bathmat

Grab some colourful wool and give your tired bathmat a fluffy, luxurious makeover!

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Quick Project: Decorative Cardboard Vases

These decorative cardboard vases are easy to make and will add colour and interest to a windowsill or shelf.

Easy tool caddy using recycled materials

This handy tool caddy is made using food cans and a scrap of plywood and we show you how easy it is to make your own.

Luminous coffee table with washing machine drum

If you're replacing your old washing machine we show you a way to turn a stainless steel drum into a luminous coffee table.

Storage with aluminium cans

In this article we show you how to upcycle aluminium tins into attractive storage containers.

Quick Project: Pallet Wall Clock

This gorgeous, rustic wall clock is made using blocks of wood cut from reclaimed pallets. That means it doesn't cost anything to make apart from the mechanism and hands.



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Upcycle wire coat hangers

If you have clothes dry cleaned, chances are you have a collection of wire coat hangers. We found some great ways to upcycle wire coat hangers.



Quick Project: Turn a Door into a Shelf

Here's a quick and easy project to repurpose an old door into a practical shelf unit.



Tame your storage with glass jars!

Recycling glass containers and jars for storage is still a wonderful way to keep your kitchen, bathroom and home office neat and organised.



Recycle an old fan into a colourful planter

Anyone who has a fan knows they don't last long these days - so turn that broken fan into a colourful planter for your patio or balcony.



Make a circular rag rug

Rag rugs are fun to make and you can use old clothes to weave your own colourful rag rug for the home.



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Repurpose old t-shirts

Before you toss out any old t-shirts, take a look at some great ideas to repurpose old t-shirts.



Using old clothes in new ways

Every year we throw away clothes and textiles that could be used in other ways. In fact, there are now companies that recycle old clothes into fashionable items for the home.



Designer rug made from old clothes

Designed for show at the Milan Furniture Fair, this rag rug is made from old clothes.



Repurposed furniture

When you get given a piece of furniture, or find a decent bargain, it's nice to know that you can repurpose or upcycle the piece to make it more relevant to your home.



Cardboard tubes = Makeup holder

Kitchen towels, wrapping paper, or anything else on a cardboard tube - use the tubes to make a makeup holder.



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Quick Project: Updated lamp

In this project we show you how easy it can be to upcycle a cheap lamp into your own quirky creation. We're using acrylic craft paint for the scrap wood battens for our upcycled lamp.



Quick Tip: Recycled coffee can storage

Here's a way to keep a desktop neat and tidy, and to recycle aluminium coffee cans - turn them into practical storage for a desk shelf.



Easy reclaimed pallet project

Making this reclaimed pallet coffee table has to be the easiest project ever and should only take about 15-minutes.



Recycled bird feeder

Recycle yoghurt cartons into a cute, colourful bird feeder to hang on tree branches.



Make own wooden lids

Make your own wooden lids for when recycling glass jars and containers, or anything else that needs an attractive lid.



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Quick Project: New Year Decorations

There's always some leftover wrapping paper after the holiday season, so here's how to use leftover wrapping paper to make party decorations for your New Year celebrations.

Wood Pallet Chair

Using the French Tufting method and a wooden pallet, you can easily make a comfortable chair for a casual indoor or outdoor space, and it's ideal for a children's bedroom or playroom.

Washing machine drum lamp

If you enjoy being creative with items that normally get thrown out, you'll love this lamp made using the drum from a washing machine.

Old Woollens

As winter slowly draws to a close, before you toss out those holey woollens, take a look at how you can repurpose or reuse them.



Make a Macramé Plant Hanger

Once again trending, macramé has taken a new twist (excuse the pun!) and you can use t-shirt yarn or plarn to make macramé hangers.



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Pallet Wood Dog Bed

If you've got some pallet wood - make this easy dog bed with galvanised pipe fittings.



Reclaimed Wood Table

If you love taking something old and turning it into a beautiful, practical piece of furniture, then this reclaimed wood dining table is a project you will enjoy.



Re-think secondhand bargains

Secondhand furniture is a great way to start off if you're moving into your first apartment or flat. You'd be surprised at how easily you can transform these fabulous finds into furniture for a home.


Toy Box made from Pallet Wood

Using pallet wood is a great way to practice your skills without spending a fortune on timber. Ask around, or browse the Internet, for local suppliers of pallets.



Upcycle a steel filing cabinet

Here's a way to buy a secondhand, steel filing cabinet and put this stylish storage unit to good use in your home office, or even for storage in the home.


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Quick Project: DIY Industrial Style Shelf

Use reclaimed pallets or scaffolding planks to make a stylish industrial shelf.


Practical ways to recycle old oil drums

A few years back I featured an article on recycling oil drums into cabinets. Now, there are so many additional options to recycle old oil drums.


Bottle top clocks

Use the plastic tops from cold drinks and food containers to make a unique timepiece for your home. This is a great craft idea for the kids too!


Stylish pallet bench

Use reclaimed wood pallets to make this stylish garden bench in an hour or two, and provide easy and inexpensive seating for a garden or entertainment area.


Reclaimed wood pallet Christmas trees

Reclaimed wood pallets provide an inexpensive DIY option for festive decor. Make wood pallet Christmas trees or Christmas card displays.


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Creative ideas for offcuts

When cutting timber or board to size, you usually end up with assorted offcuts. We put together a collection of creative ways to use offcuts for quick and easy DIY projects for a home.


Tyre ottoman with jeans fabric seat

We will be making this tyre ottoman as part of our December DIY Kids workshop. Using an old tyre, and recycling a pair of jeans for the fabric, this fun ottoman offers the perfect seating for a kid's bedroom or playroom.


Recycled can succulents

This weekend I was looking for ideas for using aluminium cans that I collected. The final result was to make these recycled aluminium can succulents.



Shoebox storage

Don't toss out those shoeboxes, use them to make attractive storage boxes for your home office or craft room.



Vintage cutting board

This beautiful, vintage cutting board can be made from reclaimed wood, hardwood offcuts, or pine from your local Builders.



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Recycled plastic bottle bird feeder

I like to recycle plastic as much as possible, and love this idea for using plastic cold drink bottles to make a bird feeder for the local bird life.


Old tyres become a handy outdoor table

Builders have a great idea for using those old, worn out tyres, which have been sitting in your garage for ages. Using a few, easy steps, a couple of old tyres, supawood offcuts and some castors, you can build your very own braai storage unit.

Recycle old blinds into lighting and furniture for a home.

Before you toss out those old aluminium, vertical, bamboo or wood blinds, take a look at ways to recycle these into unique light fittings and furniture for a home.


It's easy to upcycle furniture

It is becoming increasingly easy to refinish furniture, no matter how banged up and scratched it is. Pieces that look almost beyond repair can be given a new lease on life using a variety of products that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse.


Working with wood pallets

When working with reclaimed timber pallets you have to not only inspect and select the right pallets, you have to exercise caution when breaking these down. Here are some tips to keep you safe and make the job easier.


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Creative cardboard for kids

There was a time when play was simple. Children had hours of fun playing with nothing more than a cardboard box. We put together some creative ways to encourage kids to use their imagination with just a couple of cardboard boxes. Have fun!

Recycled paint container stools

If you are doing any painting projects this year, here's a great way to recycle plastic paint containers into comfortable stools. I made stools for outdoors, but you can make them for any room and particularly for a child's bedroom or playroom.

Recycled used ballpoint pens

When you work in an office there are guaranteed to be plenty of plastic pens tossed out. Here are some unique ways to recycle old pens into very useful items.



Reclaimed wood placemats

Got some wood left over from a previous project? Use scrap wood into decorative placemats for your dining table.



Reclaimed pallet holder

We braved the chill and had a braai this weekend. While carting herbs and spices around I realised I could make a holder using reclaimed pallet scraps. You can use this reclaimed wood holder for herbs and spices, for serviettes, or anything else you can think of.


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Reclaimed pallet wheelbarrow

Following on from the article on working with pallets, we used a reclaimed pallet to make a rustic wheelbarrow that can be planted up with colourful annuals, or filled with herbs and veggies for a small kitchen garden.


Aluminium can plant holder

Here's a way to repurpose aluminium cans into an attractive plant holder to add a touch of greenery to any room in a home.



Garage door repurposed into house number

One of my neighbours had their garage door replaced. The workmen were tossing out the old door, which was made of Meranti. I couldn't see all the wood going to waste, so I asked for some of the panels to use for projects.


Turn old tyres into extraordinary seating

Put old tyres to good use as seating for a home. With a few tools, supplies and some DIY savvy you can transform disused tyres into extraordinary high-profile seating. Painted in vibrant colours, these original seats create a unique effect in an apartment or on a balcony.


New uses for old pantyhose

I am unfortunately one of those people who attracts ladders in my pantyhose, so looking for new ways to use old pantyhose was a great idea.



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Cardboard storage tutorial

Get friendly with your local supermarket and recycle corrugated cardboard boxes into practical storage boxes and containers for your home.



Home crafts using Lego blocks

If the kids have grown out of playing with their Lego blocks, here are just a few of the crafty ways to use Lego blocks for home projects.



Upcycle lampshade frames into plant stands

If, like me, you enjoy browsing secondhand stores you'll know that you can pick up lampshades for practically nothing. This project shows how to use old lampshade wire frames to make trendy plant stands.


Homemade pressure washer

There are times when a high pressure washer - even a small one - comes in handy. We show you how to make a homemade pressure washer.



Fresh ideas for using pallets

Ideas for using pallets go around and around, but it's nice to come across new and unique ways to use reclaimed pallets for projects in and around the home.



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Add stencil detail to projects

Using reclaimed or pallets is still trending and in this article you will find out how easy it is to add your own stencil wording to whitewashed planks.



Unique ways to craft wood lamps and lights

We offer a selection of handmade wooden lamps and lights that you can make as a weekend project using basic tools and materials you can find at your nearest Builders, or source locally. 


Make a reclaimed pine riddling rack

Riddling racks were used for aiding the fermenting process when making champagne. The simple design for a riddling rack makes them ideal as wine racks, and you can easily make your own riddling rack.


Recycled plastic herb pots

I have become a fan of KFC's kream balls and the plastic containers can easily be upcycled into plant holders for small herbs or succulents.



Make your own glass bottle cutter

Recycle glass wine bottles into glasses and chandeliers by making your own wine bottle cutter. This solid wine bottle cutter can be made using a few supplies available at your local Builders.



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Concrete and reclaimed wood coat rack

Here's a fun and practical way to combine reclaimed wood and concrete. Use incandescent light bulbs to cast concrete knobs for a handy coat rack.



Divinus... A table made from recycled material

The idea behind Divinus was to design a product made using everyday waste material that would allow the user to take part in its construction, and invite them to simply and creatively experience the concepts of sustainability.


Plastic paint container = pendant lamp

I love featuring projects that upcycle plastic waste in new ways and this project shows how I turned a plastic paint container into a colourful, trendy pendant lamp.



Upcycle tyres for garden furniture and planters

There are so many ways to upcycle tyres in fun and practical ways. In this article we look at recycling tyres for the garden, whether using tyres for planters or furniture.



Upcycle white plastic bottles in an outdoor butterfly ornament

Authors Angie Franke and Monique Day-Wilde show you how to upcycle plastic milk containers into a wonderful outdoor ornament filled with white butterflies.


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Recycle plastic bottles into cupcake holders

Use 2 litre coke, diet coke or coke zero plastic bottles and turn them into cupcake holders. When cut properly the containers are airtight and can be sealed with a strip of ribbon.


Recycle plastic bottles into pencil holders

Mom and kids can spend some quality time crafting these cute pencil and pen holders, and re-purpose plastic bottles at the same time. They’re easy to make and you can design your own monsters and then fill them with pencils and crayons.

Plastic bottle party favour containers

I am revisiting a previous project using plastic cold drink bottles as party favour containers. In this project they are sprayed in vibrant colours with Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint.


Cardboard tube seat or stool

Cardboard furniture hovers on the fringe of design, but recycled cardboard furniture is definitely popular. This cardboard seat or stool is made using recycled cardboard boxes and tubes.


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Old glass gets a new look

Give old glassware and accessories a new life and add something quirky and
colourful to your dining table.



Re-purpose furniture in new ways

If you like browsing for secondhand bargains, here's how to turn an old coffee table into a stylish bench that can be upholstered in your choice of fabric.



Reclaimed pallet coffee table

Use reclaimed pallets or wood to make up a stylish coffee table, stained and painted to match your decor. Fit caster wheels and you have a mobile coffee table.



Recycle a tin into a tool kit

Quite a few smaller tools comes in tins these days, and it seems a waste to throw these away. I turned my empty Bosch Tacker tin into a handy tool kit.



DIY kitty tent

This kitty tent is made using an old (or new) t-shirt, a couple of coat hangers and a few inexpensive supplies. You can make in an hour tops and use colourful or printed t-shirts for a custom kitty tent design.


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Colourful storage basket

Have a little fun with Rust-Oleum 2X UltraCover spray paint and turn plain white baskets into colourful storage containers for a child's bedroom.



Self-watering plant containers

In the summer we go through bottles and bottles or orange and guava juice and I decided to save all the plastic bottles to make self-watering plant holders for colourful annuals, succulents, and even cacti


Recycled can plant holder

After collecting a few coffee cans I made up a plant holder for outside the front door. Since the front door is red I painted the cans with Rust-Oleum 2X satin poppy red to match the door.



Recycle glass food jars

You can use glass stain to dress up inexpensive glassware or recycle glass food jars into colourful containers.



Plasic figurine bowl

After making a figurine lamp using a few broken action figures, here's another way to re-purpose old toys in new ways - to make a fun bowl.  



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Recycle old CD's into a shimmering backsplash

If you still have some old CDs lying around, here's a unique way to use these to create a shimmering bathroom or kitchen backsplash.



Cable spool outdoor furniture

I love the idea of using a plywood or pine cable spool and turning this into furniture for a deck, garden or patio. At a cost of around R350, it's an affordable and fun way to make your own outdoor furniture.


Recycle pool floating into hanging plant container

You know me... I don't like to throw anything away until I have exhausted all my ideas for recycling or re-purposing. This time it's a way to recycle plastic pool chlorine floaters into hanging plant holders.


Using Dremel Micro to engrave glass Mother's Day gift

Coming up with ideas for Mother's Day is a good excuse to take out my Dremel Micro to engrave on glass and turn a recycled glass food jar into a gift filled with home-baked cookies.


A coffee can becomes a feather wind chime using the Dremel Micro

Dremel asked me to come up with a project idea for Mother's Day using the Dremel Micro Multitool. This wind chime has delicate feathers cut from an old aluminium coffee can using the Dremel Micro Multitool and accessories included as part of the complete kit.


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Put those old summer t-shirts to good use

This weekend it was time to shop for clothes for the cooler weather. It was also time to sort out my drawers to make space for new clothes, which brought to mind a fun way to re-purpose old t-shirts into rugs for the home.


Re-purposed beanbag becomes comfy pouff

Re-purpose an old and worn beanbag into a practical pouff finishing in the fabric of your choice. From a single beanbag you can easily make 4 to 5 comfortable pouffs for the home.


Recycled glass food jar vases

Recycling is still not a countrywide priority and in my area I prefer to recycle or upcycle as much household waste as possible. For this project I recycled glass food jars into colourful vases with Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint.


Recycled aluminium can roses

Turn aluminium cans into beautiful everlasting roses. This is a fun and creative way to recycle aluminium cans into something different.



Recycled cardboard bird figurines

If you're looking for something different to relieve your stress, what about combining recycling and crafts by making these beautiful birds from cardboard boxes.



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Practical fold-up ironing table

This handy ironing table is made using from a fold-up table and perfect when you need to iron in a cramped space. Great for a small craft room, or to have close at hand when doing sewing projects.


Recycled pot organic waste bin

Here's an easy way to keep your kitchen countertops clean by recycling an old saucepan or pot into a organic waste bin.



Revamp an old mirror

Don't throw out an old, scratched mirror when you can touch it up with Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect spray and then add a dash of glam with glass mosaic pebbles.



Oil barrels turned into cabinets

German designers Lockengeloet have taken the idea of recycling oil barrels to a new level, with a range of oil barrels that can be used as a storage cabinet, a mini bar, and even a media centre.


Recycled items for kitchens

Recycling is a trend that is more than a passing fad. Around the world people are looking at ways to re-purpose and re-use household items to create recycled home decor that is beautiful and practical.


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What can you do with a tree stump left in the garden

Using a tree feller can cost anywhere from R2000 - and that's just to cut the tree down. That means you are left with a stump, unless you plan on digging up the entire garden to remove the stump and its roots.


Pringles container = gift box

Recycle a pringles container into a decorative gift box that can be embellished for any occasion.



Old garden shed becomes children's playhouse

Having just demolished my old garden shed to make way for a veggie garden, this project that turns an old shed or garden hut into a children's playhouse struck me as a wonderful way to re-purpose a hut or shed rather than throw away.


Reclaimed wood fireplace surround

I'm sure there are many homeowners out there who will appreciate this feature showing ideas on how to clad a fireplace with reclaimed wood. There are more than a few dated and old fashioned fireplaces that could do with covering up, and why not make use of reclaimed wood.


Repurpose old socks and woolens

Here are some fun ideas for re-purposing woolens and socks. I know I always end up with more than a few mismatched socks and kids very quickly grow out of their winter woollies. Rather than throw these away, try your hand at one or two of these fun projects.


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Recycled bottles into vintage decor accessories

Glass bottles are one of my favourite and I have a cupboard full of bottles, containers and jars waiting to become projects. This time I dug out some old tequila bottles that have been lying around for 20 odd years! 


Baking powder tins into salt and pepper shakers

Having recently relocated all my spices into my new spice rack I needed salt and pepper shakers for the countertop. My kitchen has red accents and the dining room teal, so I recycled baking powder tins into large salt and pepper shakers. 


Biscuit tin turned into vintage sewing kit

Turn a plain biscuit tin into a wonderful decor accessory or sewing kit using a few bits from your sewing box. This simple project shows how easily you can transform everyday items that would normally be thrown away into something useful.


Reclaimed wood towel ladder

This ladder towel rack is a quick and very easy project to make and I have added some tips and tricks for finishing the reclaimed wood towel ladder at the bottom.



Reclaimed wood bedside cabinet

There are plenty of ways to use a reclaimed wood pallet for furniture. In this project you can make a couple of bedside cabinets using a wood pallet - or you can pop into your local Builders Warehouse and grab some PAR pine to make one.


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Reclaimed wood herb or plant stand

I still have a few pieces of reclaimed wood leftover from some pallets an, I thought it might be nice to make a herb of plant stand using the leftover bits of reclaimed wood and some old drawers that I have been wanting to use.


Home decor that costs you cents!

The other day I was cleaning out old drawers and stumbled upon a jar of one and two cent pieces... remember those! Since this old currency is now useless, I didn't want to throw it away but had no idea what to do with it.


Ideas using reclaimed or salvaged window frames

We have looked at ways to re-purpose a reclaimed door, or how to re-purpose old drawers, so how about even more ideas for repurposing a window frame. Take a Sunday drive out into the country and pop into vintage dealers, pawn shops and secondhand stores and be creative...


Crafty ways to use aluminium cans

There are still many areas around the country that haven't yet implemented recycling procedures for household waste. This project shows how you can use aluminium cans to make trinket boxes, decorative walls tiles and other items that cost nothing and look great.


Recycled aluminium cans create stunning mosaics

Artist Jill Helms creates the most beautiful mosaic pieces using bits and pieces of aluminium cans that she collection. Lots of tiny pieces of aluminum cans are scattered about her studio workspace when creating a new piece of mosaic art.


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Colourful hanging curtain made from plastic bottle tops

I have seen some amazing ways to recycle plastic bottle caps, but I do love this idea that uses recycled plastic bottle caps to make a curtain. The colourful plastic bottle caps are arranged to form a wave design that look stunning against the red and yellow background.


Recycled plastic bottle lamp shades

After breaking a glass shade on my kitchen pendant, trying to find a replacement shade proved impossible. Time to take a look through my collection of plastic bottles to see if I can come up with an alternative to recycle plastic bottles into replacement lampshades!


Reclaimed wood wine rack for two!

This wine rack for two is perfect for those that only drink the occasional bottle of wine. It's also a great project to make if you are looking for gift ideas. Made using reclaimed wood, the wine rack accommodates one bottle of wine and two glasses, and takes up very little space.


Reclaimed pallet bird feeder

Winter is almost upon us and I thought this might be a nice time to put some reclaimed wood pallets to good use. Making a bird feeder using reclaimed wood pallets seems like a good idea and I will be able to feed our local wildlife at the same time!


Recycle plastic tub lids into coasters

Having just completed an easy DIY project for making coasters and place mats using jute or rope, I still had some rope left over and decided to use this in another way. Upcycle the lids from plastic tubs or containers into coasters - just another easy way to recycle plastic in a home.


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One man's treasure...

With so much emphasis being placed on recycling and repurposing old stuff into practical piece, what some may throw away as junk might be just what you are looking for! Turning one man's junk into treasured pieces for a home is fun and you get to create one-of-a-kind decor.


Repurpose a drawers

If you have an old dresser or chest of drawers that is no longer of any practical value, perhaps it is made out of veneered chipboard or is beyond repair, you will probably find that the drawers can still come in useful.


Ideas for using an old door... or two!

When changing the doors in a home it seems such a waste to throw them away. Secondhand stores, antique shops and salvage yards, as well as online auctions and classifieds are full of wonderful old doors that can be given a new life in so many different ways.


Mosaic frame with recycled CDs

Ha! I knew that old pile of CDs would come in handy one day. Use CDs and glass paint to make colourful mosaic picture frames, or decorate plain boxes with a mosaic pattern. Dig out your old CDs and get crafting this weekend.


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