What Can We Do To Save Our Earth From Plastic Pollution?

Plastic is polluting our Earth every day as it continues to pile up on waste dumps and these amazing plastic recycling projects will help more people discover ways to recycle plastic waste.






Remember back in 2016 when I recycled plastic paint containers into outdoor seating?



We need to be honest, plastic waste is not going to go away and disappear. Plastic products are too entrenched in our lives for them to ever be done away with and, instead, we need to look at ways to recycle plastic waste ourselves rather than send it to the rubbish dump. Yes, there are recycling plants that deal with specific classes of plastic waste and these do go a long way towards reducing the overall amount of waste that is dumped, unless, of course, as was seen on the news recently, they ship it to a company that simply dumps it on their behalf and out of sight!



Unless some researcher discovers an affordable and biodegradable solution to plastic, it will always be part of our everyday lives. So, let everyone do a little bit for the environment and recycle plastic waste in as many ways as possible. Think twice before you throw plastic products into your waste or recycle bins. Is there a way you can use it for something else? Can you repurpose plastic products into practical items that can be used in your home? Give it some thought when tossing plastic waste out.



I myself have done plenty of crafts and projects that are listed on Home-Dzine that recycle various household plastic waste and have included a TikTok below that has some amazing ways for recycling plastic containers. You can also go onto social media for plenty more ideas that show you how to turn everyday items into useful products that can be used again in the home.



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Recycle a plastic bucket or container into a cute storage container or toys or a comfy laundry hamper for your bathroom.





In the above TikTok short there are several project ideas using plastic paint containers, HTH buckets, or other plastic bins that can easily be recycled and repurposed into something practical and useful for the home. Make this toy storage bin [above] for a child's bedroom or turn it into a small laundry hamper. It can also be decorated for toy storage in a living room or family room to keep toys out of sight and your home neat and uncluttered.


If you need a side table or bedside table, what about this great idea that uses a plastic bucket? There is very little required in the way of tools and supplies and you could easily make a table in an hour or two. And there is even one where you can make dorm storage using plastic bins or buckets.



Hard to believe that this side table or bedside table is made by recycling a plastic bin or bucket.







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