Don't Delay Solar System Installation

With Eskom Stage 16 on the cards and the rumours floating around as to why we suddenly have zero load-shedding, there has never been a better time to seriously consider solar power installation.


Meeting The Challenge Of Reduced Water Supply

South Africans face several challenges but how do we deal with the new challenge of reduced water supply looming on the horizon?

Harnessing solar power and IoT for efficient and independent South African homes

As smart home gadgets and apps become more common, we’re seeing new, exciting developments that are tailored to improve our daily lives and help households save money

How Can I Afford Solar In 2024?

With no end in sight to the electricity crisis in the country, many homeowners who want to install solar aren’t aware of the options that make getting solar an achievable goal in 2024.

Crafty Ways to Recycle Plastic Bottles and Containers

There are more and more craft ideas for recycling plastic bottles and containers and it's a fun way to reduce the amount of plastic waste in a home - give it a try!

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This Year, Make Resolutions for Your Home

We generally tend to make resolutions of a personal nature but this year, consider making resolutions that you can put into practice to create a welcoming home that is energy efficient and comfortable.


Solar Power Reaches Popular Holiday Destinations

As South Africa’s rooftop solar capacity skyrocketed by *349% from March 2022 to June 2023, the country’s solar wave is now reaching popular holiday destinations as demand for integrating sustainable energy solutions into holiday homes grows.


Eco Friendly Waste Removal Techniques

First step to environmental responsibility is waste reduction: this includes using reusable items and purchasing recycled goods to decrease landfill waste while decreasing energy usage.


Benefits of an Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan or Portable Pedestal Fan

Apart from being energy efficient, ceiling or pedestal fans - both indoor and outdoor - are great for cooling you down on a hot day.

Solar Screens Explained

Benefits of solar screens, their cost, and a guide through the installation process.

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Repurpose or Reuse Plastic ZipSeal Bags

ZipSeal or Ziploc bags are just another plastic item to pollute our planet but they are useful and there are plenty of ways to repurpose or reuse these in the home.

5 Tips for Installing Gas in Your Home

Amid the electricity crisis the country finds itself in, having gas in your home is now not only a lifesaver.

Save Money on Cleaning Products

This homemade furniture polish is environmentally-friendly and also inexpensive which is great news when you consider rising prices for everything!


Will Solar Panels Generate Energy when It Is Raining?

The general belief with solar panels is, no sun - no power, but is this really the case or will your expensive solar panels still convert solar to power?


A Cost-Efficient and Easy Solution to Add Double Glazing

Having double-glazing installed is an expensive undertaking but there is a way to DIY double-glazing that will provide all the benefits without the high cost and inconvenience.

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Can you use Outdoor Solar Lights Indoors?

Outdoor solar floodlights are now available with remote control, which means you can switch them on and off when you need to and making them perfect for use indoors to light a home.


Lalela Lithium-ion Inverter Trolley for home or office use

Available at most Builders stores, the Lalela Lithium-Ion Inverter Trolley will ease away your load shedding woes.

Keep a Property Safe During Load Shedding with Solar Floodlights

Crime is rampant during load shedding and solar-powered floodlights offer a level of protection when the power goes out.


How to Transition Your Home to a Solar Electric System

In this article, we look at the steps you need to follow to ensure a smooth transition for a solar electric system.


5 Ways to Cut Energy Costs and Save Money

With the country plunged into energy crisis mode, and the month of May being set aside as National Energy Month, here is an article looking at 5 energy-saving tips to help people live more sustainably.

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Make Every Drop of Paint Count

Rather than throw away any leftover paint, here is a great tip for using any paint you have leftover from a project and also how to safely dispose of paint.


7 Benefits of Solar Energy

Finding out more about all of the ways solar power can benefit you will help you decide if you should be investing in solar power for your home.


Can I Install my own Solar Power Setup?

Everybody is scrambling to kit out their homes with alternative power and solar power is top of the list with homeowners wanting to DIY solar power to their homes, but is this allowed?


A Potential Ban on Gas Stoves Brings Safety to the Fore

The state of California (US) is in the process of implementing a ban on gas stoves and gas heating equipment because of safety concerns over health issues and harmful emissions.

How to Become More Self-Sufficient

Times are showing us that we all need to become more self-sufficient with our lifestyle habits and the way that we manage our lives on a day-to-day basis.

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Bamboo Boards offer Durability and Longevity

A bathroom vanity, cabinet and toilet roll holder still look in excellent condition 8 years later and showcases the durability and longevity of bamboo.


5 Ways that Being Sustainable in the Kitchen Can Save you Money in the Long Run

As a chef, I am passionate about keeping waste to a minimum in our kitchen and ensuring that everything is used to not only save money, but to reduce our impact on the environment.




5 Great Natural Plant Fertilizers You Can Make At Home

Below, we look at 5 ways to fertilize your plants without having to immediately run to the store.

4 Eco-Friendly Insulation Alternatives For A Green Home

Insulating your home will significantly lower your heating and cooling expenses, provide resistance to heat flow and enhance the comfort at your home.

How to Make A Home More Eco-Friendly

Today most of us are spending most of our time living and working at home and there’s a greater need to create living spaces that are comfortable, functional and hygienic

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Water Wasters In The Home

Water conservation is a necessary step around the world and it starts by knowing which are the most water wasters in a home.

Harvesting Rainwater in Your Backyard - Working with Nature

‘Water is life’ and harvesting rainwater in your backyard becomes a simple and user-friendly way of protecting this natural resource and saving our planet.

Are Tinted Solar Window Films Effective?

Unless you are considering replacing your windows with energy-efficient frames, window film might be a way to better insulate the rooms in a home.

Easy ways to save water in the home

We all need to pull together to conserve our national water resources and cut down on our consumption and we have a few water saving tips that are quick and easy to implement.

A Quick Question... How Green is your Christmas Tree?

Artificial Christmas trees are the easy option for celebrating the festive season, but before you buy one, consider that an artificial tree is a petroleum-based plastic that is not biodegradable.

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How to choose energy-efficient windows

We look at the best ways on how you can choose energy-efficient windows for your home.

What Can You Do Today To Promote Zero Waste At Home?

It is about time to rethink the way we live our day to day lives and change for the better - to promote zero waste at home.

Does Exterior Paint Colour Affect Interior Temperature?

Did you know that the paint colour - or material - on the exterior of a house can directly affect the interior temperature of a home?

Best Ways to Plant Trees and Preserve the Environment

In this article, we look into the best ways to plant trees so that you can grow your own ecosystem right in the backyard.

The Most Efficient Home Energy Conservation Tips

One of the best ways to reverse the environmental damages is by conforming to strict and efficient home energy conservation methods.

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Fighting Climate Change

Why Savvy Homeowners Should Consider Ceiling Insulation Before Switching On The Air-Conditioning.

Five Ways to Be Kinder to the Environment at Home

The following steps improve the eco-friendliness of your home can have a huge impact on your overall carbon footprint.

4 Key Things to Know About Home Energy Use

There are ways to reduce your energy usage without skipping out on your favorite television program or going to bed early to not use your lights.

Recycling Tips for your Christmas waste

After Christmas, you almost always end up with waste bins overflowing, but not everything can be recycled...

Energy and Water Saving Tips We All Need

We can moan and whine as much as we like, but at the end of the day, we all need to come together to save energy in the home.

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Bicycles made with Nespresso Capsules

Nespresso has partnered with Swedish lifestyle bike brand Vélosophy to produce a stylish bicycle made from recycled aluminium coffee capsules.

Upgrades to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

When upgrading your house, there are easy ways to make it more energy-efficient.

Cut down on your electricity bill

Apart from your geyser, a dishwasher uses a lot of your monthly electricity, but these tips will save you money!

Everything You Need To Know About Green Roofs

There are hundreds of benefits to having a green roof, but the installation process is very involved, even with a professional contractor.

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A Greener Home in 5 Easy Steps

With a few easy steps every home could become greener by making eco-friendly choices.

Paving Tiles made from recycled plastic waste

One Delhi-based company in India is paving the way with paving tiles manufactured using 30,000 grocery bags of plastic waste.

How Off-Grid Power Generators Can Power Your Tiny Home

How do tiny houses get electricity? One way is through generators. Read on to see how these machines can help you live off-grid.

Be More Committed to Recycling

Many people find recycling inconvenient but the time has come to be more committed as a family to take the time to recycle in your home.

Are Solar Panels Worth It?

Can solar panels really lower your energy bills. Find out the answer to the question, "Are solar panels worth it?"

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Light Up with Load Shedding

You don't have to put up with load-shedding when you can install rechargeable LED lamps in your light fittings thanks to Gelmar!

Creating tomorrow’s home today by using alternative building materials

Green building and sustainability are words that remain at the forefront of conversations for many South Africans. It is a trend that has seen continuous growth within the building and construction industry, and is now making a mark on the residential sector.

Carcinogens in a home

Bet you didn't realise that there are many items that could be in your home that could contain carcinogens - cancer causing substances.

Embrace green buildings and sustainability

Saint-Gobain welcomes government commitment to embrace green buildings and sustainability.

The growth of green building in South Africa

Green building and sustainability is a trend that has seen continuous growth within the building and construction industry here in South Africa.

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Why insulate your home?

During winter the heat in your home rises to the top of the house and into your ceiling space and through windows and gaps to outdoors. Home insulation decreases heat loss and keeps a home warm and cosy.

Borax in the home

Few people are aware of the many uses for Borax in the home, so we compiled a list of ways to use Borax, and why you should have at least one box in your pantry.

How to install JoJo Rainwater System

JoJo offer a range of rainwater storage solution systems for domestic applications. Here's how to install a complete JoJo Rainwater System in your garden.

Every drop is precious - Boreholes

With water shortages and water-shedding soon to become a reality, we look at the possibility for drilling a borehole on your property.

Keep A Home Fresh

Spring has arrived and we thought it would be a good time to re-fresh with some of our citrus-fresh, totally natural home cleaning tips.

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Your Environmental Footprint

From basic components, transport, construction, operation and final decomposition after its useful life, a building has significant potential for a gentler environmental footprint.

Power for less

Almost invisible on a roof, solar roof tiles incorporate a unique solar film, specifically designed for Tesla, that allow the tiles to efficiently convert sunlight to power a home.

Is Solar for You?

Solar power is reliable and renewable, and it will give you a powerful return on your investment. We look at how it works and why you will want to invest in a solar power system for your home.

Recycled paper decor

Recycled paper is turned into art, furniture, lamp shades, chairs, wallpaper, bowls, and more.

Home efficiency - Consider solar power

When you read the following tips on home efficiency, always remember it's every drop that counts.

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Water saving

The recent rain showers have brought a little relief and hope for the alleviation of the national drought crisis that the country is currently facing. So how can homeowners ensure that they do this, and ultimately for their own benefit decrease their monthly cost on water rates?

Switch off the geyser and save!

Eskom urges everyone to switch off their geysers to save electricity, but does this make any difference to the overall demand - and your monthly cost?

Eco friendly interior design

Give your home an eco-friendly makeover with design that will ensure a healthy and refreshed home.

It's time to upgrade to energy efficient appliances

Upgrade to energy efficient appliances and save on your monthly bill and reap the benefits of advanced features.

Recycled PET plastic bottles become art

Veronika Richterova is not your average artist, but one that uses PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottles in unusual ways to form unique creations.

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Make a basic solar oven

Making your own solar oven is one way to cut down on electricity usage. Even a basic solar oven can be used to defrost and perform as a slow cooker. Here are instructions for a basic solar oven that won't cost much to make.


Why it's a good idea to rip out your lawn

As valuable resources dwindle and water quality worsens, replacing lawn with hardscaping or artificial turf is not only good for the environment, it saves on your monthly bill and cuts down on maintenance.

Earth Hour South Africa

Launched in 2007 as a campaign to raise awareness about climate change, Earth Hour now engages more than 162 countries worldwide. This year, Earth Hour is on Saturday, 28 March 2015 at 20:30 local time.

Natural light is free!

Why should you pay for lighting when you can make use of what Mother Nature provides for free. Frameless windows, skylights and solar tube lights offer the homeowner a simple, yet effective way to fill a home with natural light.

Switching over to photovoltaic power

There is also growing pressure for us to adopt renewable energy as a means to lessen our impact on the environment and our reliance on fossil fuels.

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US continues to ban use of polystyrene

In a bold move, New York City Mayor has banned the use of polystyrene food and drink containers. In the US, over 70 cities around the country have already put this ban in place and more cities are set to follow the example in the near future.

Oil barrels turned into cabinets

German design group Lockengeloet have taken the idea of recycling oil barrels to a new level, with a range of oil barrels that can be used as a storage cabinet, a mini bar, and even a media centre.

Setting up gutter garden

With all the mini home improvements taking place at my house the small veggie garden that I had outside the door is no more. To take its place, and keep the kitchen supplied with fresh herbs and salad veggies, I planted a gutter garden.

Recycled items for practical kitchens

Around the world more people are looking at ways to re-purpose and re-use household items and waste to create recycled home decor and accessories that are beautiful and practical.

Build an earthbag rondavel

If you want an easy way to build a rondavel, using earthbags is one of the most affordable and eco-friendly ways to do it.

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JoJo rainwater harvesting tanks

You can use rainwater in the home and garden as  a total water solution for your home, but you need to install a system that has all the built in filters.

How to build your own green roof

Always thought the flat roof above your kitchen was ugly? Not a fan of your dingy garage roof, or, fancy it’s time to spruce up your shed? Well there’s no better time than now to get out those tools,

Living off-the-grid in a DIY home

Are you yearning to live a life that is bond / rent-free, where you are totally self-sufficient and off-the-grid ? That is just what Andrew and Gabriella Morisson did when they built a DIY mobile home. It might be small, but this home offers everything that this couple yearned for.

How to install a rain barrel

Prepare your garden for dry spells and reduce water consumption by fitting your own rain barrel. A small rain barrel won't take up a lot of space and is easily fitted to a downspout to collect rain water for use in the garden.

Make your own eco-friendly home cleaning products

With so many people putting eco-friendly or homemade cleaners and polishes to the test, the recipes for homemade household products have evolved to be more efficient and less affordable, which means you save money on your grocery bill and have a healthier home.

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Sustainable Christmas trees from the garden

The next time you prune your overgrown trees, think about putting a few select branches to the side to let them dry out. Cut tree branches can be used to make magical Christmas trees for a home, with just a few added fairy lights.

Best tips using natural cleaning products

If you haven't yet the discovered the power and money-saving benefits of using natural cleaning products, in this article we'll show you how to do even more dirty cleaning in and around the home.

Be water wise in the home

The world is experiencing drastic climate change and it's a fact that we can't reverse the damage already done. But we can prevent even more damage if we all work together to change our habits.

Natural alternatives for smelly homes

Sometimes, no matter how clean your home, smelly odors pop up. We take a look at various natural alternatives to rid a home of smelly odors. Some of these natural air fresheners you may already know, but there will be a few that will surprise you!

There are vampires in your home!

Did you know that there are appliances in your home that continue to suck power even when they're switched off? Certain appliances - even when switched off - aren't actually switched off.. they are in stand-by mode.

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Electricity going to waste

Our beachfront apartment was lovely to behold - in the daytime and at night, so much in fact that it was almost impossible to sleep without closing the curtains to block out the night time illumination.

Green from the foundations and up

More and more South Africans are becoming aware of how much electricity they use in their home, especially taking into consideration how expensive this commodity has become.

Countertops made from 100% recycled materials

PaperStone countertops have finally arrived in South Africa, and this is one countertop material that is manufactured using 100% recyclable materials.

Eco-friendly home insulation

Cellulose fibre home insulation is an eco-friendly home insulation option that is manufactured from recycled paper and is probably one of the oldest materials used for insulating buildings.

Garden pond or water feature from an old tyre

While you may not have an old tyre lying around, when you do get a tyre change or pop new tyres onto your card, here's a unique way to use an old tyre to make a tranquil water feature or pond for the garden or a balcony.

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Safe disposal of household products

There are more than a few homes that have cans of leftover paint, unwanted bottles of pesticide and even old batteries lying around simply because no one knows how to dispose of them safely.

World's greenest country to aid South Africa

Take a visit to Denmark's State of Green website and you will soon know why Denmark is one of the world's leading 'green' countries.

Bright ideas to save you money on lighting

Have a light bulb moment with these tips that will not only save you money on your monthly electricity bill, but they will also reduce your carbon footprint.

Applying solar window film

There aren't any air conditioners in my home and I rely on greener options to keep us cool during the summer months and warm during the winter months.

Window tinting & glass glazing

There is definitely some confusion between the terms 'window tinting' and 'window film' and we asked an expert window tinting company to explain the difference between these two window treatments.

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Make a portable solar oven

You can make a small solar oven using nothing more than a pizza box, tin foil and a few other easily available supplies.

Using natural cleaning products

Here are some home cleaning tips that show how natural cleaning products really do work and they won't harm your health or your family in the process.

Plascon Nuroof Cool

Nuroof Cool's formulation reflects at least 30% of the invisible infra-red light off the surface, resulting in cooler roof surfaces, which translates into cooler interior spaces.

Green roof design

Reduced energy costs, improved sound insulation, reduced heat island effect in urban developments, and the greening factor as just some of the benefits of a green roof.

Should you paint your roof white?

We know that white reflects light and black absorbs it, yet we continue to add a roof onto our home that is black or brown and absorbs the most heat. Why aren't we painting our roof white. Perhaps this is another lesson we can learn from the Ancient Greeks!

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Which plastics can be recycled?

Some plastics can be recycled. To know which plastic products can be recycled, look for an identification code or stamp on the product you are buying.

Buy or build a green home

We understand that it’s tough to make time to save the environment when we hold full time jobs, raise families, and attempt to maintain some sort of a social life. However, it is possible to live a green life without major sacrifice.   

High style and sustainable design

The Hillside House is a statement of what is possible combining design with high sustainability. This modern home has received Platinum LEED certification. The Hillside house is a four story building features living and private zones situated on multiple separate floors.

Are pet food manufacturers being responsible?

What on earth is going on when manufacturers are moving from RECYCLABLE aluminium cans to NON-BIODEGRADABLE plastic sachets.

Recycle plastic paint pots or containers

These days I am loathe to throw anything away, especially plastic containers. In the June 2012 issue of Home-Dzine Online we show various craft projects using plastic bottles, but here is one that uses plastic paint pots or paint containers.

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Does your home feel like an icebox?

Does your home feel like a freezer in winter? Not everyone can afford to rush out and buy a heater or install a fireplace, and there are those that want to reduce their carbon footprint. Whatever your reasons, there are ways to keep a home warm without a heater.

Living off the Eskom grid

Living sustainably, I have to admit, was a concept more or less forced on my wife and me, since we decided to try to live in a fairly remote spot in the Karoo.

Collect autumn foliage for composting

If you haven't yet set up a compost bin - or pile in my case - now is the perfect time. As the autumn leaves start to fall, these are ideal for starting off compost in the garden.

A green garden with grey water

Watering, along with composting, feeding and mulching, is a vital component in successful gardening. During prolonged dry periods gardeners may want to make use of grey water to keep their gardens alive.

Eco-friendly ways to warm up a home

Before you rush out and buy an electric heater and hike up your electricity bill, consider some of these eco-friendly options for keeping your home snug and warm.

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Health home = Healthy family

Our children are facing an historically unprecedented rise in chronic disease and illness such as cancer, autism, asthma, birth defects, ADD / ADHD, and learning and developmental disabilities.

Welcome to space

SPACE (Solar Powered Adaptive Container for Everyone) was founded in 2008. After success with the inaugural grid-tied sales office, the team developed a mobile off-grid prototype aimed at applications that require secure, portable, robust, power generation.

Weave with old clothes and fabric scraps

This week we look at weaving with recycled materials in our craft section, show the kids how to make a weaving loom, so I'm carrying the theme through to the Green section and using old t-shirts as weaving materials.

Still have some old CD's lying around?

Imagine being able to recycle or upcycle old CD's into imaginative sculptures that could be sold. That's exactly what Sean Avery has done and what so many others could be doing!

Are we heading for nuclear catastrophe

South Africa is set to construct a massive nuclear power plant in Jeffreys Bay, widely known as one of the best surfing spots in the world. Kyle Thiermann, pro surfer and head of Surfing for Change visited Jeffrey's Bay firsthand to learn the impact that the plant will have.

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We must say NO to fracking

There has been a lot of talk about frackingin South Africa. I was originally confused as to what fracking was all about, but have undertaken some of my own research, there is no doubt in my mind that South Africa should say no to fracking!

Five steps to an eco-friendly kitchen

If you are planning to renovate or install a new kitchen, take a step in the right direction and become more eco-friendly with your kitchen design. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing materials for a kitchen:

Change your habits

In our everyday lives so much that we use is disposable. Even appliances and electronic gadgets have become disposable to a certain degree. In recent years we have adopted the attitude of dispose and replace rather than repair.

Build a home for free!

For thousands and thousands of years, housing was built from found materials such as rock, earth, reeds and logs. Today, there are mountains of by-products of our civilization that are already made and delivered to all areas.

Ceiling fans save energy

Ceiling fans do such an efficient job of circulating air you can use them in any room in the home. Put them on when you are in the room - during the day and when sleeping - and turn them off when you leave.

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Eco Christmas trees

This festive season decorate your home with a Christmas tree designed exclusively for the Design Museum by award winning interior and surface designer Giles Miller.

Save water

It's not just about saving you money on monthly water bills, it's about reducing your water consumption and becoming more eco-friendly. Here are a few practical ways that you can become water wise in the home and garden:

Green home design

Every year we see designers take on the challenge to create a home that incorporates element of green design. This year's winner shows that you can have a truly modern home without compromising on luxury and style.

Building a greener home

It's a brave family that demolishes an old house to build a greener home.

Paint your home green

Home-Dzine have always used and promoted the Prominent Paints range of products. Since as far back as the early eighties, I have used Prominent Paints for hundreds of projects.

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Where have all the bees gone?

As someone who is allergic to bee stings (among others) and constantly on the watch for bees, this year I have noticed that my garden has been almost bee-free for the past few months.

Naturally fresh home

Spray your home with natural freshness with our selection of misting sprays made from essential oils. Essential oils not only freshen your home - they also lift you up emotionally.

Are you flushing money away?

From low-flow showerheads and toilets to aerated faucets, you can find many products that conserve energy and water in your bathroom.

Be an eco parent

Being a eco parent not only set's a good example for your children, it's good for your family's health and wellbeing. If you lead by example, your children will learn from you and realise that change can be good. Here are some easy ways to be an eco parent.

LED is looking good

To a homeowner shopping for a home, the look of energy saving bulbs is just as important, and up until recently, the look was, by most discerning accounts, not good.

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Some facts about wind turbines

At this stage in time, it's a large investment to set up a wind powered system, especially in view of the pros and cons.

Clean air conditioner

If you have an air conditioner in your home or office, it makes sense to ensure that it operates as efficiently as possible.

All-natural cleaning

Clean your home and yourself with products that are good to the environment and to you.

Keep pests at bay naturally

Instead of reaching for toxic chemical products to control garden pests, go for the sensible option and spray your plants with natural remedies for bugs.

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Green home building solutions

Cutting-edge energy efficiency and stunning contemporary design are the keywords for a home that is elegant, functional, and efficient, and green - the home scored at the gold level under the US National Green Building Program.

Natural alternatives to soap and shampoo?

In our Green section we ask for your green tips, and one that required more research is the hand soap and shampoo that we use in our home. Dove and Sunlight Soap were specifically mentioned.

What to do with old batteries

Battery recycling is not a matter of possibility. It comes down to the efforts you’re willing to take. Your ability to recycle will also depend on where you live and your closest designated drop-off point.

Learn how to recycle plastic

Simply by knowing which plastics are valuable for recycling you can make a big difference to the environment, by reducing the amount of waste on our landfills and dumps and recycling plastics into useful commodities.

Tips for eco living

Small changes can make a big impact on our environment. Here are some tips to making changes that count.

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Growing my own

I finally managed to get into the garden and get my veggie and herb section started.

Educating the next generation

Being a green parent is good for your health as well as your family's health and future!

Move the planet

On 24 September, Moving Planet will be a day for all of us across the world to put our demands for climate action into motion.

Keep your home cool

Summer is on it's way, and that means heat! While a large majority of homes use air conditioners, we can all save money by using them less.

Don't throw away

Donating used electronics for reuse extends the lives of valuable products and maximizes the energy and resources that went into making the products.

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Family games night

Here's a way to save energy and have fun at the same time. Dedicate one night of the week to family games night and gather the entire family together for a home-cooked meal and an evening away from the television, PC, Playstation or cellphone.

Recycle old pallets

If you ever come across the opportunity to pick up a few pallets take a look at some of the ideas I have come across for recycling old pallets into furniture and other practical and decorative pieces.

Using solar power to cook

We're all trying to look for ways to become more energy efficient and SunFire offers the best solutions to date.

Do you feel guilty?

Green guilt is a new phenomenon. It doesn't affect devotees of SUVs, chlorine bleach, bottled water and paper napkins. It strikes consumers who are the most eco aware -- those who work hard to make smart environmental choices but sometimes slip.

CFL hazards

We know that CFL's contain mercury but what we didn't know was the amount of mercury that is found in these types of bulbs. When operated normally a CFL emits no mercury and hence presents no hazard.

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Green alternative

My grandmother’s home always had a distinct smell; a combination of various foods and mothballs. Apart from having a pungent odor, are mothballs possibly dangerous as well?

E-waste solutions

Anything that uses electricity and becomes redundant changes into e-waste. This includes all computers, entertainment electronics, mobile phones, household appliances, office appliances etc.

Water - use it twice

Harvesting grey water in your home is a good way to save this natural resource. Instead of letting bath and shower water pour down the drain, re-use it to water your garden.

Save water in the home

You may have already adopted some green practices around your home but here is a list of a few energy saving tasks - focused around saving water in particular - that are worth taking a look at.

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Repair, reuse, recycle

For many of the trusty products we use every day, malfunctions are a worst-case scenario. You don’t want to spend the money on repairs, and replacement means you have to get rid of the old one.

Eco-pest repellants

Whilst it is impossible to completely rid your home of some of these nasties, there are eco-friendly pest remedies that will slow them down!

Uses for plastic bags

I know, we all hate them with a passion. But despite taking cotton bags when we go shopping (most of the time…) and using them as bin liners, we still have about seventy-nine billion plastic bags in the house.

Natural air fresheners

In 1980 scientists found that plants can purify air measured the effects of various houseplants on the presence of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) including formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene and xylene.

Get rid of mould

Over the years I have found three natural ingredients that kill mould: Tea tree oil (an essential oil found in most health food stores), grapefruit seed extract and vinegar. There are pros and cons of each, but all three work. Vinegar is by far the cheapest.

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Green clean your home

Is your cleaning really as clean as you think it is? In the battle to keep your living space clean and healthy, are you using conventional cleaning products with caustic and toxic ingredients? They can be just as harmful as the grime and bacteria they’re meant to eliminate.

Cleaning solutions

Adopt a greener approach to your home cleaning. With a little ingenuity, consideration for the planet and a bit of elbow grease, it's possible to save a great deal of money and keep you home clean and fresh.

Time to update your appliances?

If your washing machine is over 10 years old, it's time to update your appliances to save energy, water and detergents.

Eco-friendly paint removal

Plascon RemovALL provides biodegradable, water based and non-carcinogenic coating removers.

Natural cleaners

By using all-natural substances to clean your home you can have a healthier home and a healthier family and many of the natural home cleaning methods mentioned here are significantly cheaper than manufactured cleaners, saving you money as well.

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A healthy home

We're all trying to do 'our bit' for the planet, and here's how you can make a difference in your own home.

The truth about cleaning products

Some conventional household cleaners sully the environment with ingredients that can contaminate the air, water, and soil when they are manufactured, used, and thrown away.

Uses for baking soda

Long known for its odor reducing properties, baking soda can also remove smoke and sweat odors from your laundry.

Cheap home tricks

With the emphasis firmly on protecting our environment, it makes sense to look at the way you can re-use products in your home.

Can You Really Save Money on Utilities With Direct Energy?

We delve into the question of whether Direct Energy really helps you save money on your utility bill.

Tips To Become Greener At Home

There are calls for every homeowner to go greener so as to conserve the soil erosion as well as plant more trees thus making the climate changes to be more favorable in the near future.

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How to dispose of old paint

Puzzled about how to dispose of leftover paint? Paint can be hazardous waste and as such, it is not the easiest stuff to get rid off. In many countries, it's even illegal to throw paint in the trash because of the damage it does to the environment.

Make Sure Every Room in Your Home is Energy-Efficient

These energy-efficient suggestions will not only help save you money, but will also help in lowering your ecological footprint.

Home Modifications That Can Cut Down Utility Bills

In this article, we explain the simple home modifications that you can carry out to cut down utility bills.

Surprising Details About Solar Energy For Homeowners

If you don’t know much about solar energy, in this article, you will find some surprising details that every homeowner would appreciate.

How much power can I get from a 300-watt solar panel?

To begin, knowing the number of peak sun hours (PSH) in your area will help you estimate your solar panel output, but there is more to it than that.

Decreasing Energy Loss with the Help of Window Film

Insulating your windows is a wise decision since it helps you save money in the long run.

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Top 5 Water Wasters In Your Home

Water conservation starts by identifying the top water wasters in your home and the additional resources to help reduce water waste.

9 Brilliant Tips When Trying Junk Removal for the First Time

In this article, we offer a few guidelines and tips to consider when undertaking junk removal.

5 Benefits To Having Residential Solar Power In Homes

There are many reasons to invest that make solar panels worth the initial cost.

Essential Oil DIYs That Can Improve the Look and Feel of Your Home

When using essential oils in any way, it’s important to know how to effectively dilute your oils (usually with water or a carrier oil) to make them safe for use.

Preparing Your Home For A Solar Panel Installation

Solar power is a convenient way to reduce residential electricity bills and start making a positive impact on the environment.

3 Ways To Maximize The Efficiency Of Your Solar Panels At Home

Solar panels offer a reliable source of energy source that allows you to save money on utility bills.

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Maximizing Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Whether you're building a new house or upgrading an existing one, understanding the efficiency of your heating and cooling system can significantly influence your energy usage and utility expenses.


The Benefits and Drawbacks of Solar Panel Installation

Here is a guide that covers the benefits and drawbacks of the solar panel installation process.


5 Tips To Ensure An Energy Efficient System

Learn how to keep your AC running smoothly and lower energy bills with these essential tips for an energy-efficient system. Save money while staying cool!

Mini Water Tanks: Your Guide to Efficient Water Storage

Mini water tanks are compact and versatile and offer a practical and sustainable way to store water for various purposes, making them ideal for homes, apartments, businesses, and even industrial settings.

Understanding NSW's Solar Incentives

This comprehensive guide sheds light on the intricacies of NSW's solar incentives, providing valuable insights for anyone considering solar energy as a viable option.


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