Recycled items for practical kitchens

Recycling is a trend that is more than a passing fad. Around the world more people are looking at ways to re-purpose and re-use household items and waste to create recycled home decor and accessories that are beautiful and practical. We found plenty of ideas that you can put to use in your own home.

An old louvre door is re-purposed into crockery shelf rack that provides plenty of storage for saucers and side plates and hooks mounted underneath for tea cups.

Louvre doors and a marble top from an old coffee table are re-used to make a practical kitchen island in a small kitchen.



Anyone who has clothes dry cleaned ends up with plenty of wire coat hangers. Love this idea for using metal coat hangers for paper towels and paper.

A piece of rope, and a couple of eye hooks, and a roll of brown paper and you can make an affordable way to keep track of what groceries you need with this easy-peezy shopping list.

A stepladder that has outlived its purpose comes in very handy as a pot rack or for handy storage in the kitchen. Mount a piece of pine plywood on top and you also have extra shelf space.

Make a practical piece of furniture for a kitchen or dining room using reclaimed wood. Nowadays you can mix and match reclaimed furniture with almost any decorating style. This reclaimed wood cabinet has a false front with open shelves that has even more storage space behind the doors.

What a way to add character to a kitchen! An olive oil drum is cleaned and re-purposed into a kitchen cabinet to provide storage. Learn more about these recycled oil barrels here.

There are many ways to put leftover PVC pipe cutoffs to good use, but the most popular is to make up a wine rack that fits into an open kitchen shelf.

An office filing cabinet is transformed into a mobile kitchen island with the addition of caster wheels, a butcher block top and hanging rails.

Making your own concrete countertops might be messy and time consuming, but at the end of the day you have eco-friendly countertops that are unique. Add sea glass or recycle glass bottles for a splash of colour.

Cable drums can be re-purposed in many ways and take up little space if you want to create a cosy nook in the kitchen for dining.

And there are so many other ways to use reclaimed wood in the kitchen. Love this wood kitchen island with steel cladding on the countertop. You can buy various types of steel sheeting in different thicknesses. Obviously the thinner it is the easier it is to work with.