Oil barrels turned into cabinets

I recently featured an article on recycled materials for a practical kitchen and showed an oil barrel turned into a storage cabinet. German design group Lockengeloet have taken the idea of recycling oil barrels to a new level, with a range of oil barrels that can be used as a storage cabinet, a mini bar, and even a media centre. 


We have seen oil barrels turned into barbeques and braais, but this new take on reclaimed style is definitely one I would love in my home, and one that you could do yourself with some power tools and a few materials and supplies. 

Priced at around R4800, these recycled oil barrels are definitely a tad pricey, but then you do pay for unique design. Sadly, they are not available internationally. So if you want one of these you will have to make your own. 



The concept has become so popular overseas, Lockengeloet have added even more options to the range. Bob is the latest addition to the range and is a coffee table that  has three openings so you´ll have room for everything you need within easy reach. You can even stack up different design to create custom storage.

Want to make your own.  All you need is a giant can opening - or angle grinder! Rubber seals, hinges and handles are pretty standard hardware that you would probably find at your local Builders or Auto spares shop, and the rest is up to you.