ethereal from carrol boyes


Carrol Boyes proudly presents the Ethereal range of bath, body and home products.

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gen z yellow

Hello Gen Z Yellow!

Say bye-bye to Millennial Pink, now it's time for Gen Z Yellow to take the spotlight.

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duram colorpro

Duram ColorPro

Duram ColorPro is a paint pigment that is stirred into Duram white paint to provide custom, rich paint colours.

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are cement and concrete the same

Cement vs Concrete

There is a common misconception that cement and concrete are the same thing. But what's the difference?

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miles staplers

Miles Staplers

Full range of Miles Staplers for DIYers, trade and heavy-duty industry work - now available at leading outlets.

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embracing green building

Embracing Sustainability

Saint-Gobain welcomes government commitment to embrace green buildings and sustainability.

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easy vertical garden

Easy Vertical Garden

It is possible to have a vertical garden oasis in your home - even in the smallest spaces.

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spring crafts

Hello Spring!

Here's a fun way to welcome Spring into your home with this wall decor designed by Elle Franco.

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diy laundry drying rack

Drying Rack

This laundry rack is a great project to make for when it's too cold, too windy or too wet to hang your washing outdoors.

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timber-fill wood filler


I have just discovered an alternative to wood filler, and it works far better at filling holes and gaps - ProLong Timber-Fill.

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tork craft parking sensor

Parking Sensor

The Tork Craft Ultrasonic parking sensor will insure your car is safely parked perfectly every time you park.

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diy built in cupboards or wardrobes

DIY Built In Cupboards

The idea for this project is to show how easy - and affordable - it is to build your own built-in cupboards or wardrobes.

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sunroom ideas

Timber Construction

ITC-SA calls on training providers in the engineering field to review their curricula for timber as a construction material.

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sunroom ideas

Sunroom Ideas

Having the space for a sunroom or garden room allows you to take advantage of our beautiful weather all year round.

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pallet braai table

Braai Table

If you need a braai table, here's a nifty way to repurpose old pallets into a practical braai table.

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streak free windows

Streak-Free Windows

Give your windows a professional cleaner with tools and accessories you will find at any Builders Warehouse.

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disguise mirror doors

Disguise Mirror Doors

Not everyone loves mirror doors, so here's how to replace mirror doors with stylish panel doors.

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drawer repair

Drawer Repair

Kitchen drawers, especially in an older kitchen, can often cause problems. We offer some quick tips to repair.

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frogz eggz

Mouldable Plastic

The latest inspiring product to sweep South Africa by storm is a hand-mouldable plastic material from Pratley.

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fix plumbing problems

Plumbing Tips

Whether you own your home or rent it, there are bound to be times when you need to fix up minor plumbing problems.

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practical bathroom storage

Practical Storage

If you haven't what Gelmar offers, take a look at these practical bathroom storage ideas using Gelmar fittings.

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make a nightlight

Crafty Nightlight

Make a nightlight using straws or paper tubes, cardboard and an LED lighting strip.

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kids DIY project

Kids Project

If your kids are wanting to try their hand at DIY, here's a project you can make with them.

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solar power lights

Solar Power

We have an abundance of sunny weather that is ideal for harnessing the power of the sun with solar lighting.

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easy bathroom storage

Quick Project

Corral clutter on your bathroom counters with this easy-to-make, practical storage shelf with recycled glass jars.

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diy portable firepit

Portable Firepit

Add the perfect accessory to your outdoor entertaining area with this portable firepit.

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lusso modern taps

Bathroom Bliss

Revel in the Lusso tap range from Builders - each with a 15-year guarantee that offers unmatched quality assurance.

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Green building in SA

Green Building In SA

Green building is a trend that has seen continuous growth within the industry here in South Africa.

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paved patio

Perfect Patio!

Turn a plain, boring concrete slab patio into a perfectly paved outdoor area that adds a finished look.

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Ferns for indoors

Houseplant For Everyone

No longer just for grannies, ferns are gaining popularity as a favourite houseplant for urban dwellers.

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pebble jewellery

Pebble Jewellery

If you own a Dremel Multitool and looking for ideas that can make you money - try making your own pebble jewellery.

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101 piece bit set from Tork Craft

101 Piece Bit Set

The Tork Craft 101-bit set is a 'must have' for any tool man, DIYer, homeowner, workshop and service industry

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dresser makeover with milk paint finish

Milk Paint Finish

Transform dated furniture in an hour with Rust-Oleum Milk Paint Finish and some new hardware.

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turntable cabinet

Turntable Stand

This Turntable Stand will provide plenty of storage and allow you to show off your vinyl collection!

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repurpose furniture

Breathe New Life

We all have certain pieces that we can't bear to part with, be it a collectible or a hand-me-down piece of furniture.

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makeover furniture

Furniture Repurposed

Don't throw it out! Give furniture a new look with Rust-Oleum 2X Ultra Cover spray paint in your choice of colour.

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save water

Water Saving

You may be tired of everyone urging you to save water, but we need to do everything we can to reduce usage.

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DIY veggie rack

Veggie Rack

I have seen quite a few designs for DIY veggie racks around. This one allows you to tilt the racks for easy access.

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perfect mitre joints

Perfect Mitre Joints

If, like me, you enjoy making picture frames, achieving a perfect mitre joint can be tricky.

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rust-oleum chalked paint

Chalked Paint Ideas

Rust-Oleum's Chalked Paint offers an easy way to apply a smooth matt finish to bring new life to old furniture.

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Easy DIY sofa

Easy DIY Sofa

This sofa is easy to make and perfect if you need extra seating in a family room or den, or in a child's bedroom.

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choosing curtains

Choosing Curtains

We compiled a list of helpful tips to help you choose the perfect curtains for your home.

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