Is It Cheaper To DIY Or Buy?

When it comes to making your own furniture and decor accessories the question of whether is it better to DIY or buy always pops up and we offer a way to decide for yourself.






I am sure there are many people out there that ask the question of whether it is better to DIY or buy and in many instances, there are pros and cons for both options. I know that I have considered far too many projects that I would like to make myself only to find that the materials available locally would work out far too expensive, I don't have the skills needed for a professional result or I don't have the tools needed to complete the job.



These are all questions that you need to ask yourself before undertaking a large project or making furniture for your home or sale. For a lot of the content we see online, the creators have access to cheaper materials than we do and this can be make or break if you can buy the item cheaper. However, when it comes to custom furniture or items made to a specific size or for a pre-determined purpose, you need to decide if it is worth the cost.







Designs by Donnie popped up in my feed and after watching this series or shorts, I realised that it answers quite a few questions on whether it is cheaper to DIY or buy. I based this on using raw (non-PAR) pine that you can purchase at Builders stores countrywide or timber merchants. Raw pine means that it has not been planed and is not to standard pine sizing and that's not a problem if you simply design the project around the dimensions of the timber. This type of pine also requires a bit more sanding, since PAR pine is usually already sanded smooth, but what's a bit of extra sanding if you can save thousands of Rands?



Check out this series of shorts from Designs by Donnie and then view an additional short below to see how easy it really is to DIY and how it can work out far cheaper than to buy.



Is it cheaper to make or buy furniture?

We all want nice furniture for our homes but it isn't always within our budget. I know from experience that making specific pieces for the home can work out far cheaper than buying from a store and that making it yourself gives you to opportunity to modify or make custom pieces to fit into your home. is it CHEAPER to DIY furniture or to BUY from a STORE? #woodworking #furniture #table #diy ♬ original sound - Designs by Donnie



Is it cheaper to make or have a pergola installed?

Hiring a contractor to build a pergola outdoors is an expensive one but being able to make it yourself using locally available materials will save you plenty. But do you have the skills and tools needed to make a pergola? is it CHEAPER to BUY a PERGOLA or to BUILD one DIY style? #woodworking #pergola #diy @Miradoroutdoor ♬ original sound - Designs by Donnie



Is it cheaper to build a deck or hire a contractor?

Anyone looking to have a deck installed knows how expensive it can be and yet, making a deck is not that difficult if you find the right instructions. Decide for yourself if you want to DIY a deck or hire a contractor to install one for you. is it CHEAPER to BUILD a DECK (diy style) or to HIRE a CONTRACTOR? (Full video) #deck #decking #carpenter #diy ♬ original sound - Designs by Donnie







Making furniture for your home is easier than you might think



@theflippedpiece Amazing Rustic Coffee Table DIY!!!! I’m using @Dixie Belle Paint Co products for this finish! AD #dbpbrandambassador . . . #easydiy #diycoffeetable #coffeetable #woodentable #diyprojects ♬ original sound - THE FLIPPED PIECE



Things to keep in mind before you begin

  • Be sure that you have the skills to see the project through to completion.
  • Have all the tools you need on hand or decide if you want to hire or buy any additional tools needed.
  • Look at alternatives for items not available locally. You can determine this by going onto the website or undertaking an online search.
  • Compare pricing for supplies and materials.





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