How To Repair Or Replace An Outdoor Tap

An outdoor tap wastes just as much - if not more - water than an indoor tap and yet it is an easy fix to repair or replace an outdoor tap and here's how.






Just as indoor taps tend to leak over time, so do outdoor taps and outdoor taps tend to leak even more if they are used frequently and are over tightened and this sentence highlights the cause of the problem... over tightening.



We make use of outdoor taps to water plants and keep the garden green, fill up a swimming pool or pond, wash down outdoor areas and even supply water to an outdoor kitchen if you have one. Outdoor taps that get used every day soon start to drip and leak and this increases as time goes on until the tap seal is replaced. Over-tightening of outdoor taps is also a problem that causes wear on a tap filter as well as the components and, depending on the condition of an outdoor tap and its age, sometimes it is just more beneficial to replace the entire tap rather than just replace the tap seal.




If a tap does not stop dripping when turned off this is a sure indication that the tap washer needs to be replaced.







Repair or Replace?

While a new tap washer will only cost around R20 at any Builders store, a new brass bib tap will cost around R180 but if the tap is old, leaks a lot and sticks when opening or closing, it might be a better option to replace the entire tap. Replacing the tap or washer are both easy projects that can be done in under 30 minutes once the main water stopcock is turned off.





How to replace a washer in an outdoor tap

Before you get stuck in taking the tap apart to replace the washer, check that the water leak is not due to a loose packing gland nut. This nut is just below the handle, as shown below, and is easily tightened using a spanner or wrench. If the tap still leaks after tightening the packing gland nut, then you can go ahead and replace the tap filter.






Always locate and turn off the main water supply stopcock before working on any water supply lines.





Use a spanner or wrench to loosen the top section of the tap as shown above. Once this is removed, you will see the tap washer located at the bottom of the tap body. Replace the tap washer and tighten the tap body onto the lower section.






Never over-tighten any taps as this wears out the tap components and tap washer.












How to fix a tap that leaks

Part of home maintenance involves rectifying fixing leaky taps and replacing parts of the plumbing underneath the sinks, behind toilets and other water-related care.





Slow Running Water? Clean Out your Tap Filters

When you find that the water flow from a tap dwindles to a trickle, your first thought would be to call a plumber. But before you do, you might want to check the filter on the tap to see if it is blocked.





It's Never A Good Idea To Ignore Leaks In Your Home!

If you have any obvious leaks in your home, ignoring them can cause a lot of damage that will be expensive to repair later on. Even a small leak should be repaired as quickly as possible if you want to avoid problems.







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