Best Window Treatments For A Peaceful Sleep

Barking dogs, noisy neighbours or loud cars up and down the streets should not disturb your sleep and that is why you need to look at a better window treatment for your bedroom.






Is your sleep constantly disturbed by barking dogs, noisy neighbours or cars racing up and down the nearby roads? If your answer to this is unequivocally, yes, then you need to consider installing a window treatment for your bedroom windows that dampens outside noise so that you can have a peaceful sleep.



Everyone needs to have a good night's sleep and not be disturbed by noise outside the bedroom. If your body lacks good sleep you will feel moody and overly emotional.



The bedroom is the one space in your home that should be quiet and conducive to a peaceful sleep and that means you can't turn up the sound or pop in your earbuds to block out sounds while there are plenty of other methods to try and keep the peace in a home, the bedroom requires something more effective, something that enhances the design of a bedroom. Window treatments in any room are considered a finishing touch or the cherry on top of decorating; there are all different types of window treatments to choose from and you can use these to deaden sound from outdoors to bring quiet into the bedroom.







We have looked at several ways of soundproofing a home on Home-Dzine and this article just highlights one particular way of bringing soundproofing to a bedroom using fabrics, so with that in mind, take a look at what works best for blocking out noise in a bedroom:



1. Heavy-weight fabrics work best

Fabrics manufactured using heavy-weight fabrics are not something you come across easily at home decor stores where they focus more on trendy colours and patterns for curtains. For sound-dampening, you need a fabric that is more substantial than a conventional weave fabric. Think fabrics such as velvet or velour, brocade, heavy linen or woven wool fabrics. Like heavy-weight fabrics keep out the cold, they also block out noise and, when fitted to cover the entire span of a window, you will be surprised at how much noise they do block out.





Heavy fabrics do not overwhelm a small bedroom if you select the perfect colour choice for the room. They can be used to blend into the background, become a feature or be used to make a room feel larger and brighter.







Plain or printed fabrics for curtains

The choice of plain or printed fabrics is entirely your choice and would depend on how you want to dress the windows as a finishing touch in the bedroom. The best bet is to leave this decision open until you visit fabric stores or companies that make curtains to order to see what fabrics they offer and then decide what would work best with the current or planned design of the bedroom.





Curtains with added lining

Not everyone might like the idea of a heavy fabric for bedroom curtains but for those, there is another solution; taking a lighter-weight fabric and adding a thick lining to the back of the curtain panel. In this way, you have a combination of fabric weights that will provide insulation against noise and keep a bedroom warmer during the colder months of the year.



There are alternatives to consider if you do not like the idea of heavy curtain panels such as a layered window treatment with blinds and preferably honeycomb or cellular blinds, heavy fabric blinds and lining fabric topped off with a medium-weight curtain panel.





Layered curtains

Layered window treatments are another solution for those wanting to block sound in a bedroom. We already mentioned lined or backed curtains above but you can also layer different types of window treatments for even more soundproofing. Roman blinds with a heavy fabric will block out a level of noise when closed and, when used in conjunction with heavy curtains or a layered window treatment, noise from outdoors will be substantially reduced.






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