How To Make Floor, Hanging And Wall Lights For A Home

Finding unique light fittings, whether floor, pendant or wall lights, is not easy or affordable, so why not try out one of these hacks and make affordable lights?






Finding lighting that is unusual or unique - and most definitely affordable - is almost impossible these days. Lighting suppliers charge a fortune for lighting that is not your average design and it isn't something that the average homeowner can afford. But that does not mean that you cannot have a unique light fitting in your home and all it takes is a little DIY savvy to make your own. We collected just a few custom designs for hanging and wall lights that you could make in a weekend and they won't cost a lot. Take a look below and select a design that works well in a room or your home.



Pendant Shade Made Using Wood Veneer



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I love the above pendant shade that is made using wood veneer, it looks like the type of light that you would find in a high-end lighting store. It is easy to make and the materials you need for this project can be found at many retail timber merchants or larger hardware stores. Plus, these veneers are generally available in a variety of wood species that let you choose a light or dark veneer for your light fitting.







LED Wall Light With A Single Piece Of Wood



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Very little is required to make this contemporary LED lighting feature for a home other than a single piece of wood, a few accessories and LED lighting strips that you will find at any Builders store around the country. And don't forget that LED lighting strips are available in a range of colours if you want to introduce dramatic lighting into your home.


Wooden Pendant Lights

Amazing DIY Homemade Wooden Light Decoration Ideas

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You know that I love anything made with wood and this set of 3 pendant lights is super easy to make using PAR pine that you will find at Builders. Stain it or paint it to suit your room decor, or even modify the shape of the light fitting if you want to make more of these for rooms in the home.



Paper Mache Pendant Light Shade



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We all look for ways to recycle and this paper mache pendant light shade is made using paper mache from cardboard boxes and wood glue. Grab the supplies you need from Builders and then paint or spray paint to match your room decor.







The Most Affordable DIY Standing Light



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You don't need much to make this eye-catching standing lamp, just a few supplies that are obtainable at Builders. A couple of pieces of wood, two angle brackets and an LED lighting strip and about an hour of your time and this project is done and dusted and you have an amazing accent light for your living room.










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