Harnessing The Eco-Friendly Cleaning Power Of Tea

Here are 10 sustainable ways you can clean your home by brewing a black tea solution and reduce your exposure to harsh toxic cleaning products.






At your service with experience at cleaning thousands of homes, SweepStars are the efficient domesticworkers who have plenty of practical tips and tricks for how to use tea - yes, tea! - to up your cleaning game in a way that is also kind to the planet.
To introduce you to the best eco-friendly and sustainable methods for cleaning in and around your home, here are 10 clever tips to put into immediate effect in your own home simply by brewing a black tea solution.


1. Furniture polish

Brewed black tea is good for removing built-up wax on wooden furniture. It cleans and shines the wood at the same time!







2. Window cleaner

Mix freshly brewed black tea with as much water as needed and use it for cleaning windows and glassware, then gently wipe with a clean dry cloth for streak-free shine.


3. Refreshing scent

Putting dry black tea leaves into small sachets or bowls around the house is a simple solution to the problem of strong odours. The leaves give off a refreshing scent in refrigerators, closets and bathrooms.





4. Wooden floor cleaner

Use a bucket of warm water in which you add black brewed tea for mopping the wooden floors. With this solution, you can clean and polish the wood, also leaving a natural refreshing scent in the house.


5. Stainless steel cleaner

Tea can turn into a cleaning solution and by brewing tea you can polish and clean stainless steel such as sinks. Sweep over the surface with a soft cloth and admire the sparkling steel.


6. Plant fertiliser

Recycled tea leaves can be used to enrich the soil of indoor plants and hence, act as a biofertilizer. Tea leaves provide the required nutrients to the soil and help the plants to grow in a healthy way.





7. Hair rinse

Giving dark hair a healthy shine, replace your normal routine and rinse your hair with cold black tea after shampooing. This is a completely natural way to boost your hair care.


8. Pet care

Use black tea for pet odours. Make a solution out of it by combining it with water, and then using it to wash your pet's bedding or to rinse your pet as you are giving them a bath to help neutralise the odour and add shine to their coat.







9. Stubborn stains

Forget about those toxic solvents and chemical fragrances that can be harmful to both indoor air quality and the environment, and use a sustainable tea solution instead. Empty the contents of the tea bag into a container mix with baking soda and sprinkle on the surface with the stain, let it sit for an hour before wiping clean.


10. Remove rust

A cold black tea solution is an effective way to get rid of rust. Allow the rusty item to soak in the solution for at least an hour before using a cloth to rub off the rust.


Add tea to your eco-friendly shopping list of items to clean your home without using any toxic chemicals or harmful sustainces. And let's not forget about the many properties of herbal tea to refresh body and soul.







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