Create Beautiful Succulent Garden Designs For Indoors or Outdoors

Growing succulents has become a popular trend as more people discover the variety of succulent plants available and in this article, we share a few ways to design a beautiful succulent garden of your own.






Most nurseries and garden centres now stock a variety of succulents that you can choose from and we thought it would be nice to show you some new ways to design a succulent garden that you can display indoors or outdoors on a deck or patio. Many of the plant varieties shown below are available locally and, because these plants are so easy to propagate, you only need a few plants to develop a healthy selection of succulent stock for succulent gardens. Another added plus for some of these designs is that they recycle plastic containers in new and unique ways.







What are succulents?

Succulents are nature's little water tanks, all filled up with life-giving water. As a species, any plant that has the ability to store water inside its leaves or stems is known as a succulent and that includes the cacti family. With their flesh leaves and stems, succulents retain water to keep them alive during drought or dry seasons and you will often find these plants in arid landscapes that only receive a limited amount of rainfall during the year. Being able to store water ensures that the plants have enough moisture to see them through dry periods until the next rains fall. Cacti, while also being classed as succulents, store water in their stems and this gives them the ability to survive lengthened periods of drought.




Succulents require minimal water and a monthly watering will quench their thirst and fill up their stems and leaves.





How to care for succulents

Succulents require very little care other than large doses of sunshine and an occasional watering. These plants are very easy to grow and when planted in good conditions, they will grow and you will be able to take leaves or cut sections to propagate new plants. When potting succulents indoors or outside in the garden make sure to add sand to the soil if it has a clay-like texture. The surrounding soil should be able to drain water away quickly. Some garden centres now stock bagged soil that is specifically for succulents or cacti. Alternatively, purchase a bag of coarse sand and mix this 1:1 with potting soil for the perfect soil mix for growing succulents.




The perfect soil mix is important when planting your succulents since they do not like their root system to be wet. A fast-draining soil is essential and the plant will do the rest.



Succulents do not need direct sunlight for the entire day but do love a sun-splashed spot for a few hours. I have found that succulents in my garden tend to flourish more with plenty of morning sun where they are in a semi-shade situation when the sun gets too hot during the summer months.







Create beautiful succulent gardens

Keeping the above points in mind, you now have the basic ingredients for creating a stunning display of succulents like the ones shown below. Start collecting assorted plastic containers that can be used to craft your gardens and then display these on a sunny windowsill, shelf or table or place them outdoors on a stand or table on a deck or patio.



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