Make Or Buy A Makeup Organiser or Makeup Station

If your makeup is all over the place and needs organising, below are just a few ideas that show you how to DIY a makeup organiser or buy a makeup station locally in South Africa.






I try hard to be an organised person, I do, but early in the morning when I am rushing around to get ready for the day ahead, it turns to chaos when putting on my makeup and leaves a very unorganised mess behind. I am sure there are many people just like me and for this reason, I have decided to look at ways to DIY a makeup organiser or, for those that do not DIY, the best ideas for a makeup station.







DIY Ways To Make A Makeup Organiser

In 2021, I made a small cupboard to hang on the wall in my walk-through dressing room that houses all my beauty and makeup essentials and this has been a lifesaver. The cupboard is easy to make and you can make it using SupaWood (MDF), plywood, pine or your choice of hardwood. It consists of a basic frame, two fixed shelves and doors with a glass panel.





The makeup organiser takes up very little space on the wall and fits into a small gap between the door and the built-in cupboards. As a do-it-yourself project, you can modify the size of the cupboard to fit into any space, you can make it deeper to store larger bottles and containers and you can even go as far as stretching it from floor-to-ceiling for all your cleansing, beauty, makeup and other products that need a place to live. Here are the instructions for making the makeup organiser cupboard.





Another clever idea is to use any available wall space in a bedroom, closet or bathroom to add a storage unit for bathroom and beauty essentials that can include all your makeover. Find more information here on this project.





Whether you put your do-it-yourself skills to good use or shop around, a small tower of drawers is the ideal solution to organising your makeup and beauty products. They can be plastic, perspex or wood as long as they are the right size to fit into the available space.





If you own a scroll saw, making a makeup organiser is quick and easy using balsa wood, 3mm plywood or SupaWood (MDF). Decoupage the exterior to add a feminine touch.









Drawer dividers are an excellent way to organise beauty and makeup products if you have a drawer or two available. By using thinner board products such as SupaWood (MDF), plywood, or even cardboard, you can assemble a drawer divider similar to the one shown below and design the layout to suit your particular needs.





Crafty Ways To Make A Makeup Organiser

There are hundreds of inexpensive online ideas and tutorials for ways to organise makeup from using toilet roll tubes and small cardboard containers to crafting with air-dry clay to make storage for beauty products.





Think about items you use around the home and office that could be put to use as makeup organisers, things such as perspex business card holders, prescription medicine boxes, toilet roll holders and so on. With a little artistic decoration, these could be used as storage compartments for all types of makeup.





A bit of online research revealed that Makro and have some great makeup organisers that are affordable and good quality and you can expect to pay between R160 and R250 for a product similar to the one shown below.









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