Easy Way To Remove Double-Sided Tape From Walls

In this post, we show you a few easy ways to remove double-sided tape from painted walls.






Double-sided tape is one of those inventions that saves you a lot of time and effort when you need to stick something onto a wall. It is also one of the hardest things to remove from a wall when you no longer use it. Try as hard as you want to scrape it off and the stuff just sticks around forever. But not all is lost, there are a few clever ways to remove double-sided tape from walls particularly painted walls.







How to properly apply double-sided tape

While this article is about removing double-sided tape, let's make sure that you properly apply the tape in the first place! Follow these tips to ensure double-sided tape not only sticks to the wall but all sticks to whatever it is you want to mount onto the wall:





Determine the correct position

There can be nothing worse than mounting an item onto the wall only to realise it is in the wrong position or skew. Before you place the tape on the wall, ensure that you have the correct position and make use of a spirit level when mounting the item to ensure that it is straight and not skewed.



Clean before you apply

Walls must be clean and dry before applying tape. Tape manufacturers recommend wiping the mounting area with rubbing alcohol (surgical spirits) to remove any traces of grease.





Surfaces must be stable

If the double-sided tape is mounted onto a wall where the painted surface is loose or flaky, the tape will eventually fail.



Only use fresh product

It is always better to use fresh double-sided tape. Any tape you have had lying around opened will lose its tackiness over time and is not recommended for use.





Use enough tape for the item being mounted

When you purchase the product make sure to buy the right tape for the weight it needs to hold, or make sure that you apply sufficient tape to the back of the item to support the weight.





How to remove double-sided tape from walls

There are several methods for removing double-sided tape from walls, some time-consuming and not quite successful and others that remove the tape quickly and efficiently. Take a look at the following:



Use a specialist product

I have always been a fan of Goo Gone but lately, it seems that this product is no longer available at Builders. However, there are several other products that work well such as Genkem Contact Adhesive Cleaner (retails at around R140), Soudal Adhesive Remover (retails at around R98) and others.







Heat removes adhesive tapes

Hot, soapy water helps to loosen adhesive tapes but it is not possible to apply this when the tape is on walls unless you use a spray bottle, so the next best solution is to use a hair dryer or heat gun to warm the tape and make it easier to remove. Do exercise caution if you use a heat gun and try to limit exposure to the painted wall. Remove the tape while it is still warm and before it cools too much and hardens.



WD-40 removes almost anything

My all-time favourite is to use WD-40 to remove stuck double-sided tape but only use this on washable walls as it may stain other types of paint or not work. Use a rough or textured rag to rub over the tape after applying WD-40 until it loosens and comes off.








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