Should You Buy A Mini Stick Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

I recently got to try out a Hoover Corded Vacuum Cleaner and the Genesis Minimax Upright Vacuum Cleaner to see which one would be best for cleaning my home.






When you get to a certain age, living in a double-storey home means that you have to lug a heavy vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs and that's not a good thing. Cylinder, Canister and most full-size upright vacuum cleaners are heavy and awkward to carry and that gets difficult if you have to carry it around.

I decided to make my life a lot easier and test out a couple of the mini upright vacuum cleaners to see how they performed when it comes to keeping a home cleaner. The two models selected were chosen for their price to keep the cost at an affordable level should anyone be interested in purchasing a mini upright vacuum cleaner for their home. Both models were purchased at my local Builders Warehouse in Strubensvalley and both can be used as a dust buster or upright vacuum cleaner.

Note that no goods were sponsored for this article and both vacuum cleaners were purchased for my personal use.



Hoover Corded Vacuum Cleaner (600W)

  • Purchased at a cost of R999.00, the Hoover model was the first that I purchased and, having used a Hoover canister vacuum cleaner before, I knew it was a pretty reliable brand. After unboxing and assembling the unit, which was extremely easy, I found the unit lightweight and easy to carry around. I was a bit annoyed at the round 2-pin plug but glad that I had purchased a plug adaptor that could be used in conjunction with this.
  • Switching the unit on and moving it across the floor was a breeze and the handle made it the perfect height for use without having to bend over. It worked great over my tiles but I did struggle a bit on the carpets and rugs. I think this is due to the 600W motor which doesn't quite have enough power to clean carpets and rugs efficiently.
  • The dust canister can be quickly removed and the dust and filter cleaner. The canister itself is fairly large and should be fine to clean an average-sized home without needing to be emptied.
  • One thing that did annoy me about this model is that the joint between the cleaning head and main upright section is not great and you sometimes have to manually straighten the two when cleaning to the side.
  • When packed away after use, the machine takes up very little space but does not stand upright on its own. I would probably install a hanger on the wall when not in use.


A great lightweight mini upright vacuum cleaner for a small tiled home, preferably one with no pets. The 600W motor limits its use for anything other than cleaning tiles but that is good news if you have a tiled home. Also, a great buy if you have tiled floors and a double-storey home. It can easily be carried up and down stairs.



Genesis Minimax Upright Vacuum Cleaner (1000W)

  • The second model purchased came at a cost of R1 149.00 - only slightly more expensive than the 600W Hoover for a 1000W Genesis. If I had seen this one first, I would have purchased it rather than the Hoover 600W model.
  • Unboxing and setting up was easy as everything snaps together easily. I also noticed that this model came with a selection of cleaning attachments which was an added benefit. My only thought after assembling was that the handle was low and could not be raised higher - okay for me as I'm a shorty anyway!
  • Upon switching on the cleaner, the difference in power was immediately apparent - you can hear that the motor is more powerful although not that much more noise level.
  • I was impressed at the speed at which the vacuum cleaner not only cleaned the tiles but the carpets and rugs as well. Being so lightweight it was also easy to use the vacuum cleaner to clean the seats and arms on my sofa. And, being so lightweight, taking the cleaner upstairs to clean the upper level was no longer going to be a burden.
  • The cleaner is equipped with a canister that is easy to remove when you need to clean the filter and empty it and everything snaps quickly back into place.


This machine is far more robust in construction and offers plenty of power to clean tiles, laminate and vinyl floors and carpets or rugs. It is lightweight enough to carry where it is needed and I found it very simple to use.







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