So Many Ways To Use A Tork Craft Mini Rotary Tool

The Tork Craft Mini Rotary Tool is one of those versatile tools that can be used in so many ways, whether you want to use it for crafting, as a way to bring in extra income or to do repairs and maintenance in and around the home.






Anyone who is a repeat visitor to my website knows that I have always been a fan of the Dremel multitool range and have used their tools and accessories for many years. With the introduction of the Tork Craft Mini Rotary Tool, I was given the opportunity to try out the various rotary tools and accessories and was impressed with the results. There wasn't any difference between the Dremel and Tork Craft tools and some of the Tork Craft accessories were better than those in the Dremel range. I know that there will be some die-hard Dremel fans out there shaking their heads but the fact is why you should pay far more for a tool when you can get the same quality at a fraction of the price.





Quality - Value for Money

From a quality point of view, I have been using my Tork Craft rotary tool for just as long as I have been using the Dremel multitool so the question of value for money is met when you consider that the Tork Craft rotary tool only costs around R700 (tool only) while the Dremel 4250 costs from R2000 upwards.





Range of Tools and Accessories

Tork Craft only offers one model that offers the range 8000 - 35000 rpm while Dremel have the 4250 and 8220 models that achieve the same high speed. On the accessory side, Tork Craft has an extended range of accessories that compares to the Dremel range of accessories, Still, these are far more affordable for the average DIY, hobby or craft enthusiast. Additionally, Tork Craft offers a complete kit that contains a wide selection of often-used accessories at a price one would expect to pay for a single Dremel accessory. For individual accessories for the Tork Craft Mini Rotary Tool, check out the PG Professional Mini collection.









A Multitude of Uses for the Tork Craft Mini Rotary Tool


Carving and Engraving

Use the Tork Craft Mini Rotary Tool on wood, steel, glass, leather, stone, acrylic or Perspex, candles, pumpkins and many other materials.



Cutting and Drilling

With the selection of cutting discs and cutting accessories, you can cut an extensive selection of materials including wood, aluminium, sheet metal, steel, acrylic and Perspex, natural stone, glass, leather, plastic and PVC, bamboo, ceramic and vinyl tiles and more.





The versatile range of accessories available for use with the Tork Craft Mini Rotary Tool means that you can cut and drill with the tool. Select the suitable drill bit for the material you are working with and you are good to go.



Polishing, Sanding and Grinding

Using one of the many accessories with the Tork Craft Mini Rotary Tool allows you to polish almost anything simply by adjusting the speed and using the correct accessory; from stainless steel, and soft and hard metals to stone and jewellery. Use a soft touch and apply gentle pressure when polishing.

Tork Craft offers a wide selection of grinding stones that can be used on many different materials and allows you to sharpen tools and blades, and grind and remove rust on steel, including stainless steel, dull ceramic, glass and smooth metal edges. The smaller pointed grinding stones are also excellent for use on glass when engraving.



Safety First

When using any power tool, it is important to protect yourself from harm, especially when using tools that operate at high speed. Kit yourself out with safety gloves, dust masks and protective eyewear at all times.






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