Wide Selection Of Wall Cladding Now Available In South Africa

Wall cladding is an interior design trend that has been floating around for quite some time and there are now wall cladding products available in South Africa if, like me, you love this look.






The installation of wall cladding has been trending for many years and we have seen how interior designers and homeowners have come up with all kinds of ideas, even so far as cladding walls with reclaimed or barn wood. While the latter disappeared into insignificance, a new product has come to the fore to take its place and it offers a far better quality and more aesthetically pleasing way to clad interior walls with a wood-look finish that is available in different wood types and colours.



There are several benefits to cladding walls with these slimline panels and below are some of the best benefits:





Clad walls to cover up imperfect walls

We would all like to have silky smooth walls in our homes but the sad truth is that we don't always get what we want and end up with walls that are bumpy, textured or imperfect. Add life and everyday living to the mix and you have walls that have been painted over numerous times, nail holes filled and still visible and possibly even dings and gouges. None of this adds up to what we envisioned in our homes.



Cladding walls, like many other types of cladding, can be used to hide all kinds of imperfections and put them out of sight forever. It's like having an ugly floor and installing tiles or laminate flooring over the top.





Instant feature walls

With the exception of paint, it is hard to know what to do to add a feature wall or introduce an eye-catching feature into a bland room. Wall cladding, especially the types that are pre-made and available in ready-to-install panels, is an easy solution and you don't need to be an interior designer to install them. Wall cladding panels are now available in South Africa and there is a huge range of designs in different wood types and colours.



Builders have a selection of wall cladding panels that are easy to install and give any room in a home an instant makeover and add an eye-catching feature.









Improve insulation and soundproofing

Anyone living in a townhouse development or apartment complex will attest to the fact that soundproofing is non-existent. You can hear what your neighbours do and they can hear you right back. There are plenty of little design tricks that you can put to good use to add levels of soundproofing to your home and cladding walls with panelling is an extra layer of insulation that helps to deaden noise pollution.





Add decorative detailing

If you do not want to add cladding to walls, there is still the opportunity to use the panels to add decorative features to a home. You can use these panels almost anywhere to add decoration or a finishing touch. The panels are lightweight, available in lengths of up to 2400mm and can easily be cut using most cutting tools.



Add wall cladding panels to plain surfaces in the home to give a finishing touch that is unlike any other. Plus, the pre-made panels can be cut to size and quickly installed in a variety of situations.



Available at Builders stores around the country, CTM, Cornice Warehouse and other stores, installation is as easy as using a quality construction adhesive or screwing panels onto walls. Take accurate measurements beforehand and only use sharp blades when cutting through the panels.







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