Builders Inspires with Unique Paint Solutions for Pantone's Colour of the Year

Leading Retail Home Brand Encourages Consumers to Embark on Colourful Journeys.






Builders' National Paint Buyer, Johanita Corbett, provides insight into Pantone's selection of Peach Fuzz as the 2024 Colour of the Year. She highlights its potential to inspire a shift towards earthy tones, muted pastels, and natural color combinations in design trends. This presents an exciting opportunity for homeowners and designers to explore new trends and transform their spaces.


In the wake of Pantone's announcement of Peach Fuzz as the 2024 Colour of the Year, leading retail DIY and décor brand has extended a warm invitation to all customers DIY to dive into vibrant possibilities the soft and muted tones of Peach Fuzz which can be seen as a response to the need for design elements that are soothing and uplifting and bring about our increasing desire for a positive and tranquil atmosphere in our homes.

“The choice of Peach Fuzz as the Pantone colour of the year for 2024 reflects a current design trend towards warmth, comfort, and optimism. The versatile nature of Peach Fuzz's points to the lasting impact due to a neutral hue that makes it well-suited for many applications,” says National Paint Buyer at Builders, Johanita Corbett.






DIY and home décor enthusiasts looking to incorporate Peach Fuzz into their revamps or updates, Mail suggests they consider using it as a primary colour for walls, furniture, or accent pieces. If you are looking for a colour that complements a neutral palette, Peach Fuzz might be the ultimate solution.



Reputable for quality finishes and product innovation, the Fired Earth range available at Builders stands out in the market and provides a unique colour selection that can be seamlessly complemented by organic materials like wood or stone for a harmonious look.





There are several ways in which customers can activate their #DoDay and incorporate Peach Fuzz to transform their spaces to create the ambience they are looking for. According to Corbett, some of these are:

  • Incorporating Peach Fuzz as a striking feature wall to add warmth and vibrancy to a room. This colour works extremely well in highlighting a focal point of the room and instantly updates a space with a modern touch.
  • Customers can subtly introduce touches of Peach Fuzz through accent furniture pieces such as chairs, cushions, or throws to infuse the space with the colour trend while allowing for easy updates or changes in the future.
  • Another way to use Peach Fuzz in a room is with soft furnishings like curtains, rugs, or bedding to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. These textiles effortlessly tie the room together while adding a touch of sophistication.
  • Customers are encouraged to experiment with colour blocking techniques by painting different sections of the room in Peach Fuzz and coordinating colours. As an example of this, the upper portion of walls being painted in a soft cream, greige or beige and the lower half of the walls in Peach Fuzz. Alternatively, one could use Peach Fuzz on one side of the room and a contrasting colour on the opposite side to create visual interest and balance. Colour blocking is a fun paint technique that lets the homeowner, decorator or designer play with different colour combinations and create a dynamic look in a room.



To ensure that you get the most out of your Peach Fuzz, you can add Colour burst in Tranquil from Fired Earth to instantly tint your colours and discover variations of shades to add variety to your space or room. All DIY enthusiasts are encouraged to explore the vibrant world of paint solutions at Builders and transform their spaces to reflect their style and imagination.

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