Don't Delay Solar System Installation

With Eskom Stage 16 on the cards and the rumours floating around as to why we suddenly have zero load-shedding, there has never been a better time to seriously consider solar power installation.






The Possible Implementation of State 16 Load Shedding

I must admit to being one of those homeowners who sits on the fence regarding the installation of a solar system. Can we afford it? Will it really make a difference on our monthly electricity bill? And so on. It is only recently upon hearing about the possible implementation of Stage 16 load shedding that I finally sat up and realised that we weren't ready for this level of load shedding. I wasn't so much worried about lights and such but more about fridges and freezers, having hot water during winter and being able to put hot meals on the table and this made us realise that we do need solar power.



According to an article that appeared in the Pretoria Rekord, Stage 16 will be a shutdown of electricity that covers all 16 blocks (stages 1 to 16) simultaneously. This planned shutdown is to reduce the load and create a more stable electrical grid. Consumers are requested to note the severity of this action and reduce their energy usage as much as possible leading up to the possibility of Stage 16 implementation.









Rumours On Why Load Shedding Has Stopped

Another factor for the decision towards the installation of solar panels, inverter and battery is the unending rumours on social media as to why we no longer have load shedding and, linking this with the possible planned stage 16, had me thinking that there could be more to these rumours and even if there isn't - at least we will have solar power installed.



The Impact Of Supply And Demand

The final factor in making the decision is that of supply and demand. If everyone leaves it until the very last minute there will be shortages of supplies which could result in increased prices across the board for anything related to solar panels or solar system installations. It will be the same as when Stage 8 was implemented, with everyone running around trying to get their hands on a decent generator inverter. Stocks only last so long and you have to wait until new stock arrives - most of which will be priced higher.





Supply and demand refers to the cases in which consumer demand for goods or services exceeds supply, prices tend to rise. A more simplistic explanation is that should solar power installation companies be overwhelmed at any time, this increases the possibility of a rise in price for the same goods and services that must be ordered to meet the growing demand.




The bottom line is that, I am not saying that you immediately rush out and have solar power installed but that you at least obtain quotations and possible installation deadlines in advance should anything happen in the year ahead. There is no fun in sitting in the dark without heat and being unable to cook meals or bathe the kids knowing that it will be a regular occurrence. If you, like me, are sitting on the fence trying to make up your mind, make an informed decision based on current circumstances.








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