Cut Down On The Time You Spend Trimming Trees And Shrubs

The Worx JawSaw dramatically cuts down the time you need to spend on trimming trees and shrubs for quicker and more effective garden maintenance.






Winter garden maintenance can be a nightmare and days of endless backbreaking work, especially when you know that trees and tall shrubs in the garden need to be trimmed to keep them manageable. Winter is the best season for trimming and severe pruning as the cold weather prevents plants and trees from infection which would normally be a problem during warmer weather. I only have a smallish garden so I feel sorry for anyone who has a larger garden or big property that has to be maintained.



For the past couple of years, I have been lucky to have a neighbour who invested in the Worx JawSaw and he let's me use it for a couple of days every winter. If it wasn't for the JawSaw, my winter garden maintenance would be hard work and take a lot longer than it does.



The Worx JawSaw makes quick - and easy - work of trimming tall trees and shrubs!





Two trees in the garden had shot up during the summer months and now reached a height where they were blocking sunlight from the garden and, although I do like having a shady garden, my plants like a bit of sunshine now and again. Additionally, taking into consideration the size of my garden, these trees were also making the garden feel smaller and needed to be cut back to the height of the rest of the foliage surrounding the area.



Note that limited stocks are available on the Worx JawSaw but new stock is expected to arrive in the country shortly.



For a description on the Worx JawSaw and how easy it is to use, see further below. Once all the branches are removed, you can use the JawSaw to trim the cut branches to a manageable length for easy disposal.



In the image below, you can see how the tree being trimmed has shot up above the height of the rest of the garden and how it blocks natural sunlight from the garden.





A task that would normally take half a day is accomplished in 30 minutes!






What is the Worx JawSaw?

There is nothing better at cutting or trimming branches than a chainsaw but it is also one of the most dangerous tools to use for the average gardener. I would never use a chainsaw when perched on the top of a ladder and, in the past, I left that kind of task up to the experts. But it gets expensive if you hire someone to continuously trim trees or large shrubs and this is where the Worx JawSaw comes in.





The Worx JawSaw integrates a mini chainsaw encased between a tough set of jaws that make it easier to control the JawSaw and far safer to use. With a plunge of the handle, the mini chainsaw cuts its way cleanly and efficiently through branches.





The thick jaws of the Worx JawSaw grip whatever branches need to be cut and allow for easy cutting without any movement that would normally occur when using a chainsaw. Once the branch is held firmly at the base of the jaws, the handle is pulled to release the chainsaw action to cut through the branch.





Watch the video below for more information on the Worx JawSaw.








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