Launching in 2024, the Festool TS 60 Circular Saw

The Festool TS 60 promises to be a game changer for DIY enthusiasts, woodworkers and professionals with revolutionary cutting action never seen before.






Safety is a top priority for the entire Festool range of tools and that is very evident in the Festool TS 60 Circular Saw that is due to be released this year. But this cutting tool offers more than just operator safety, it also offers cutting precision in a variety of materials, the likes of which will make it the ideal cutting tool for carpenters, woodworkers, DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.



Festool's TS 60 Circular Saw is a state-of-the-art cutting tool that will revolutionize the industry with precision cutting matched with ease of use and increased efficiency.





This workhorse is designed to meet the requirements of DIY enthusiasts and professionals and combines Festool's global reputation for safety and excellence and for delivering state-of-the-art power tools. So, what makes the Festool TS 60 circular saw different from other tools on the market? Take a look at some of the features of the TS 60:



Safety Features:

  • The Festool TS 60 Circular Saw has a built-in riving knife and splinter guard for operator safety during use.
  • Revolutionary KickbackStop provides operator safety by reducing the risk of kickback during plunge-cutting or sawing.
  • Improves air quality via the integrated Festool dust extraction system to keep workspaces dust-free and healthy.








Environmental Features:

  • In combination with the integrated dust extraction system, the Festool TS 60 Circular Saw features a high-efficiency motor for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Festool's policy of striving towards sustainability ensures environmentally friendly woodworking practices.




User Features:

An increased cutting depth of 60 mm allows the TS 60 to cut thicker workpieces with the utmost precision.

Cuts mitres at up to 45-degree angles with precision.

Brushless EC-TEC maintenance-free motor offers rapid results with less effort through wood, plastics and other materials.

Quick and easy blade changes with FastFix spindle stop.

Precise cutting with the cross-cutting guide rail.



With ongoing research and development, Festool offers extremely powerful tools that are versatile, flexible and precise. For further details on any tools in the Festool range, get in touch with







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