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Paint green with Prominent Paints

Home-Dzine have always used and promoted the Prominent Paints range of products. Since as far back as the early eighties, I have used Prominent Paints for hundreds of projects, and at a recent workshop I was asked why I continue to use Prominent Paints.


The answer is simple: I believe in using a quality paint that takes the environment into consideration and doesn't cost the earth. Not only do Prominent Paints products offer better than premium performance - they don't come at premium pricing.

Prominent Paints are designed to offer high coverage and spread rate, which means less coats and less paint.

The company offers a range of water-based paints that are low in volatile organic compounds [VOC's] and it is these compounds that are emitted into our atmosphere and our living spaces. By reducing the amount of VOC's contained in paint, we are reducing the long-term negative effects to the environment and our health.

Prominent Paints is committed to manufacturing paint products that are 100% lead free, adhere to international best practices and recognise and promote the drive towards environmental sustainability.

As a member of the Green Building Council of South Africa, Prominent Paints undertakes to offer products that constantly raise the standards and significantly reduce environmental impacts compared to other products.





Completed projects

As a company that recognizes their responsibility to preserve and protect the global environment, Prominent Paints engineers, researchers and scientists share a profound understanding of environmental issues. They continuously work to design and manufacture paint products that reduce environmental footprints and improve energy efficiency.