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What Can You Do Today To Promote Zero Waste At Home?

It is about time to rethink the way we live our day to day lives and change for the better - to promote zero waste at home.




Modernization brought about an economic boost, as well as the convenience that can prove to be difficult to refuse. However, progress also paved the way for the destruction of the world’s natural resources. To ensure that the future generations will still have the opportunity to see the beauty of the world’s natural resources, it is about time to rethink the way we live our day to day lives and change for the better. In this case, it is already essential to promote zero waste, and the best way to do so is to start at home.


Refuse the use of plastic

One of the primary ways for you to promote zero waste in your home is to refuse the use of plastic, more so the single-use ones. In this case, perhaps it is the best time to explore eco friendly products that are free from plastic packaging such as shampoo bars and toothpaste capsules. Imagine the amount of waste that you will eliminate if the toiletries you use simply dissolve until they are already used up.


Go organic

Another way to reduce your waste significantly is by opting to go organic. This includes growing your products such as fruits, vegetables, and herbs in your yard, as long as your space permits you to do so. But even in the city, urban farming is already encouraged. In doing so, not only will you eliminate the need to dispose of leftovers from fast-food restaurants, but you will be eating healthier too. In this case, you can convert your food waste as compost for your plants to thrive.


Be more selective on your clothes

Did you know that in manufacturing textiles used for your clothes, so much pollution is generated because of various processes involved? What is worse is that some of the clothes manufactured last only for a couple of months, entailing the need for you to buy new ones. In this case, it is better to invest in durable clothes that are made from biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials. If you do, not only will you save on money, but you will also help in minimizing the pollution in the environment too.



Go online

Technological innovations paved the way for internet connectivity. Leverage on this and ask if your subscription and bills can all be online to eliminate paper waste. Not only is this convenient because you will be able to check your bills once they are posted, but you are preserving the trees as well.

To wrap things up, when you refuse the use of single-use plastics or plastics in general, you are already making a significant change in terms of the wastes that end up in the oceans. When you go organic, you are also helping the environment because you don’t throw away harmful waste that won’t degrade even after thousands of years. If you go for durable clothes, then you are also helping in reducing pollution. Lastly, leverage the advancements in modern technology and go online to further reduce, if not fully eliminate the waste you produce.



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