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Recycled PET plastic bottles become art

Veronika Richterova is not your average artist, but one that uses PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottles in unusual ways to form unique creations.


PET is used in mass production of blow-moulded plastic bottles. You only have to visit your local supermarket to see how many beverage suppliers use PET bottles. While PET can be recycled, far too much waste doesn't even make it to the recycling plants, but rather ends up as litter or environmental pollution.

Since 2007 Veronika Richterova has collected PET bottles from recycling bins and has created a new art form to preserve these seemingly worthless and ephemeral objects for the future, as a testament of the time. Her work is a collection full of unexpected variety; it maps consistently the evolution of the design of plastic bottles.





Next time you buy products contained in PET, think about how you could use these differently!



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