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Living off-the-grid in a DIY home

Are you yearning to live a life that is bond / rent-free, where you are totally self-sufficient and off-the-grid ? That is just what Andrew and Gabriella Morisson did when they built a DIY mobile home. It might be small, but this home offers everything that this couple yearned for.

It might have been a big risk to build their small home, but this couple were prepared to make sacrifices to achieve their life goals. Their home might be small in size, but the design offers a fully equipped home with all the modern conveniences they need - and it's completely off-the-grid.

The interior of this small home is designed on two levels. The upper level allows for a bedroom at one end and a loft / living space at the other. The lower level contains all the elements for everyday living and includes space to relax, work and cook.

The dining nook also serves as a study / work area. Both Andrew and Gabriella work from home, so a work space was an essential part of the design.





Hidden under the casual seating area is a fold-out table that easily allows seating for up to 6 people when dining outdoors during winter is not an option.

Under the loft / living space the bathroom is kitted out with a composting toilet that turns waste into useable compost.

Living off-the-grid means that the kitchen appliances are gas- or battery-powered. The kitchen is fully-fitted with plenty of cabinets and storage space. The kitchen is located underneath the bedroom and there is plenty of space for both Andrew and Gabriella to move around and occupy the space at the same time.

And while both the kitchen and bathroom are located beneath lofts at both ends of the space, there is ample headroom to move around in both the lower and upper areas.


While the stairs to the upper level might take up a fair amount of space, the couple didn't want to have to climb up a ladder to go to bed each night - or down a ladder to use the bathroom. Rather, they designed stairs that could incorporate essential storage.


After living in the small space the couple don't feel that they have had to make  any compromises or sacrifices in their DIY home.  You can read more about the Tiny Home on

They offer advice on designing and living in a small house that is compact and super efficient.  How you approach the process is important because have an idea or plan from the start will allow you to address each and every detail that needs attention.



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