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Learn how to recycle plastics

Simply by knowing which plastics are valuable for recycling you can make a big difference to the environment, by reducing the amount of waste on our landfills and dumps and recycling plastics into useful commodities.


Battery recycling is not a matter of possibility. It comes down to the efforts you’re willing to take. Your ability to recycle will also depend on where you live and your closest designated drop-off point.






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Polyethylene terephthalate

Cold drink and water
bottles, plastic jars
and clamshell
Hollow fibre filling for jackets,
duvets, pillows and sleeping
bags is the main use for clear
PET bottles in South Africa.
Green bottles are turned into
building insulation (Isotherm);
PET is also recycled in geo-textiles for road stabilization and dam lings, and Plastiwood.

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High-density polyethylene

Milk bottles, cleaning
products, cosmetics
and toiletries, crates
and motor oils
Recycling bins, compost bins,
buckets, detergent containers,
posts, fencing, pipes, plastic
timber and plastic chairs.

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Polyvinyl chloride

Clear trays for foods
and toiletries, clear bottles, pipes and gutters.
Gumboots, hangers
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Low-density polyethylene

Rubbish bags, frozen
veggie bags, building
film, squeezable bottles
and cosmetic tubs
Bin-liners, pallet sheets,
irrigation piping, a variety of
containers and construction and
building film.
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Bottles, ice cream
tubs, straws, micro-wave dishes, kettles, garden furniture, lunch boxes, packaging tape and bottle caps
Pegs, bins, pipes, pallet sheets,
oil funnels, car battery cases
and trays.
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Two kinds: high impact
(eg. Coat hangers, yoghurt cups) and expanded (e.g. meat and vegetable trays)
Picture frames, curtain rails,
finials, skirting boards, cornices,
stationery e.g. rulers, seedling
trays, coat hangers. Demand
far outstrips supply in S.A.


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