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Recycled paper decor

Recycled paper is turned into art, furniture, lamp shades, chairs, wallpaper, bowls, and more.


Wallpaper Tiles

Using 100-percent recycled paper collected from local businesses, Dear Human manufactures wallpaper tiles that absorb sound and look great. Recycled paper wall tiles are designed in a hexagonal shape to allow for a variety of arrangements. Dear human offer a large library of patterns and colours in a gradation of colours from natural browns to bleached whites that allow for unlimited combinations - they can be an effective accent with just a few tiles  across an entire wall.

Acoustic testing reveals that some wallpapers perform similarly to acoustic foams and cork boards. Adding textured tiles further reduces sound reflection through wave dispersion. The tiles dampen noise while also acting as insulators and contribute to restful acoustics in residential flats and apartments.


Now in their third design phase, Pulplites are an ongoing development. The tops of the lights are made using coloured porcelain that fit snuggly onto the pulp shades.





Pulplights have colourful fabric cords and are available in many different colour combinations, so it’s easy to match the decor in a room to show them off to maximum advantage.

Dear Human originated from a mutual desire to create joy through unexpected moments in everyday environments. While it began as an urban intervention practice, this desire has carried through as they have continued to explore new materials - drifting from fine art into residential and commercial design concepts.


The 1960s-style Biblioteque chair started life as part of a paper tableau on exhibition. The tableau was an intervention into the lounge part of a public library where, surrounded by books, it contextually challenged the preconceptions of what paper can be used for. Manufactured from recycled paper, the Biblioteque Chair was designed to make a statement and be comfortable.

Other unique design that function as art and furniture have since been introduced to the Dear Human range. "Using recycled paper sourced from the local industry and drawing from our sculptural backgrounds, we have manipulated it in a similar way to how clay can be sculpted and have created limited-edition functional stools/side tables," say the designers.



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