Bamboo Boards offer Durability and Longevity

A bathroom vanity, cabinet and toilet roll holder still look in excellent condition 8 years later and showcases the durability and longevity of bamboo.






Eight years ago while renovating our guest bathroom, I made a bamboo bathroom vanity, bamboo bathroom cabinet and bamboo toilet roll holder - to accommodate 2 rolls. At the time, bamboo board was quite expensive and the only reason I used bamboo was for its durability and longevity. I figured that it would require little maintenance and would not be damaged by water and humidity. Just to show you how well it held up over these past 8 years, I have included pictures of the newly made bathroom vanity and cabinet and further down images of what they look like now.



Over the years, I have regularly applied a single coat of Woodoc 30 over the bamboo items and this purely to bring out the depth of colour in the bamboo. You will find more information on this in the article, "Why it's important to seal wood or bamboo"






DIY TIP when working with bamboo board

If you are looking to source bamboo products for DIY or woodworking there are plenty of board suppliers out there. Enter "bamboo for woodworking" in the search bar and several will pop up. It will be in your best interest to try and find a supplier that will cut the board to size for you, as this material is dense and quickly dulls power and woodworking tools. I managed to cut my boards using a circular saw and jigsaw but make sure you use new or sharp blades.





After 8 years in use, all 3 bamboo pieces are in perfect condition without any signs of wear on them. No scratches, warping, bowing, or any signs of mould. Now, you may think that bamboo board is still pricey, and it is when compared to pine but not when compared to any hardwood and that is exactly what it should be compared to.









Is bamboo a sustainable material?

Bamboo is one of nature's most renewable materials due to its ability for growth of the plant after harvesting. It is also a natural material that is resistant to most diseases and pests that can damage many species of hardwoods. Bamboo also offers unbeatable strength and durability and has been used as an alternative to timber in home construction and design.


Unfortunately, because it is not grown locally, the fact that bamboo has to be shipped to destinations around the globe adds negatively to its sustainability, but this should not be the case when you consider that many species of timber are also imported due to lack of local supply. Added to that, plywood has become a popular material for furniture design and manufacture, and this is another product that is imported.







Is bamboo waterproof?

Bamboo is not classified as a timber species but belongs to the family of grasses. Bamboo is frequently used as an alternative to many hardwoods both in woodworking and construction and is favoured for its ability to withstand a fair amount of moisture. However, bamboo is not water resistant but can be exposed to splashes and spills, as is the case with my bathroom vanity shown above and when used as laminate flooring. This gives bamboo the advantage in certain situations such as bathrooms and kitchens. However, do ensure that you make use of a qualified and certified plumber by searching for best plumbers near me to ensure proper installation of bathroom fittings.






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