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Why it's important to seal wood or bamboo

In this article we use Woodoc sealer to beautify and protect a bathroom vanity, bathroom cabinet and also a toilet roll holder.



It has been two years since I last sealed the bamboo fittings in my bathroom, and they are started to look dull. All it takes is a can of Woodoc Sealer to enhance the natural beauty of bamboo or wood, and protect it from moisture and water droplets in a bathroom.


ABOVE and BELOW: The bathroom vanity before and after applying Woodoc 30.


For this particular project I am using Woodoc 30 exterior sealer. This leaves a matt finish once dry, as I don't want the bamboo to be glossy after applying the sealer, rather to retain its natural beauty. The reason I'm using exterior sealer as opposed to an interior sealer is two-fold: 1) I still have some sealer left over from a previous project and, 2) an exterior sealer will offer the maximum protection for wood or bamboo in a bathroom.








Moisture can so easily damage wood, although bamboo is far more tolerant. The bamboo bathroom furniture was made and installed about 5 to 6 years ago and shows no swelling or stains. Wood is not as tolerant of moisture and can rot and become black, or even be infected by mould. Regular application of wood sealer will prevent this.


Only half the unit has been coated with Woodoc 30 sealer to show how it enhances the finish.


Why use sealer and not varnish?

Sealer is less viscous than varnish, or it has a runny consistency, that is absorbed deep into the wood to plump up the cellular structure. Three coats of sealer are applied; the first coat is absorbed into the cellular structure, the second coat sits just below the surface, and the last and final coat protects the top.







Varnish, on the other hand, only bonds with the top of the surface and is not absorbed into the wood. Should any areas be left untreated with varnish, or should the wood expand or contract and cause cracks, moisture can easily gain ingress to the wood below and cause rotting or damage.



The bamboo bathroom cabinet has also become dull and faded. I made the bathroom cabinet as part of my bathroom makeover and you will find instructions here.


One side of the cabinet door has been treated with Woodoc 30 exterior sealer. You can immediately see the difference. The sealer brings out the beauty of the bamboo without yellowing the colour.

BELOW: After application of sealer to the entire cabinet. The shiny areas are where the sealer is still wet, but once dry this will leave a matt finish. Woodoc offer a range of matt, satin or gloss sealers.



BELOW: This is the double-roll toilet holder that I also made as part of the bathroom renovation. Find instructions here to make your own double-roll holder.