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Make a toilet roll holder - for 2 toilet rolls !

I seem to be forever putting new toilet rolls in the guest loo, so I decided that it was out with a single roll holder and in with a toilet roll holder that holds two toilet rolls.



The bathroom was recently given a makeover with the installation of bamboo flooring (soooo gorgeous), bamboo medicine cabinet and a bamboo vanity unit. In keeping with the theme I decided to make the toilet roll holder out of offcuts of bamboo that were left over.











Step 1

The bamboo toilet roll holder is a very basic design and features a slot on either side to allow for the chrome pipe that holds the toilet rolls. This has to be easily removed. I used a pencil to draw my original design onto both of the side sections that I cut.



Step 2

Using my Dremel Trio and standard cutting bit I did two passes over the marked area - one at a depth of 4mm and then a second at 8mm. That is deep enough to hold the chrome pipe in place.


Here are the two cut sections side-by-side. One the left is after the first cut and on the right is after the second cut.


Now all that's left is to sand the sides with 240-grit sandpaper and cut out the remaining sections.



Step 3

You need a piece for the top and back and the assembly is glued and clamped until dry, after which time it can be fastened onto the wall with wall plugs and screws.