Crafty Ways to Recycle Plastic Bottles and Containers

There are more and more craft ideas for recycling plastic bottles and containers and it's a fun way to reduce the amount of plastic waste in a home - give it a try!






It's not news that plastic bottles and containers are poisoning our planet not only as pollution on land but also in our oceans. There is very little hope on the horizon that plastic bottles and containers will be replaced with eco-friendly solutions in the near future and also little hope that all the plastic bottles and containers out there will be recycled rather than being tossed away. In the USA, several manufacturers that use plastic bottles and containers for their goods, including Pepsi, are being hauled over the coals for the lack of processes put in place to manage plastic pollution but to me, this seems like closing the gate after the horse has bolted.



If there is no solution in sight, one easy way to address plastic pollution is to make more use of the plastic waste we have in our homes. It isn't only plastic that we should consider as there are so many other items that we can find a use for to cut down on daily waste.





While I'm not a huge fan of TikTok, there is content I come across now and again that I find educational, informative and useful. One of my favourites is all the recycling crafts you can find and how, once you follow one, you end up with so many different types of crafts using household waste. I recently stumbled across the three TikToks below and wanted to share these with you as they offer some fairly good ideas for recycling plastic bottles and containers and who knows, you might find something in there that you like and want to use in your home. 



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Be More Plastic-Aware

Plastic shopping bags hanging from fences or caught in shrubs and trees along the side of the road are a frequent eyesore in most countries and even ongoing clean-ups do little to prevent a re-occurrence. In the U.S. and many other countries, plastic shopping bags have been replaced by brown paper bags and quite a few stores here in South Africa have taken the same initiative.



Use the handy tips you will find on this page on folding plastic shopping bags so that they fit neatly into a handbag, pocket or recycled shopping bag so that you never have to pay for plastic shopping bags ever again.



The real key to making your grocery bags work for you is both the simplest and the hardest change: remembering to take them to the store. Keep a few in your car, some fold-up versions in your purse, backpack, or briefcase; hang a few on the door or in the garage as a reminder when you're headed to the car.



Become More Involved in Recycling Plastic Bottles and Containers

There are many ways to recycle plastic household waste for indoor use, in the garden or on a balcony. Something as simple as a mini greenhouse for plants or herbs is an ideal recycling project for those living in a flat or townhouse, or even those living above the first floor of a building.





And there are so many other crafty recycling projects right here on






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