Recycle Household Plastic Waste For Use In The Garden

There are many ways to recycle plastic household waste, particularly for practical uses in the garden. Check out these great recycling ideas.

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We generate so much household waste every day that it is imperative that we look at recycling opportunities wherever and whenever we can, particularly when it comes to plastic waste - waste that is most definitely NOT degradable and takes years to break down.

Plastic bottles are one such waste product that could be used and reused in so many different ways. In this article, we look at how you can take everyday plastic household waste and turn it into practical and innovative items that can be used in the garden. Not just used in the garden, but some of the ideas below also help you save water as well.








Not many of us have space for a greenhouse, especially those living in a flat or townhouse, or even those living above the first floor of a building. If you are keen on growing your own - whatever it may be - using plastic bottles for making a mini-greenhouse is an excellent use of plastic waste.



All you need to make a mini greenhouse is a plastic bottle, preferably a 2-litre plastic bottle. To make your mini greenhouse, remove the bottom of the plastic bottle so that it fits nicely on top of your plant pots. This is a wonderful idea if you are potting or starting seed or seedlings during winter and they will be ready for planting in spring.


Make self-watering plant containers using recycled plastic bottles. They are great for seedlings for your garden beds or veggie garden, or you can hang them up and grow herbs close to your kitchen window. Find instructions here. - 6544361947530364/



When you have a herb or vegetable garden, some plants require more water than others. Instead of having to water a lot of plants and not just a particular plant, this plastic bottle idea is fantastic. Small holes are drilled into a plastic bottle, which is then buried next to the plant or plants that require regular watering. The top is removed from the bottle and it is then filled with water. The water slowly leaks into the surrounding soil, keeping thirsty plants well-watered throughout the day.



WWhen planting your herbs or veggies, make a note of which plants require regular watering and put this watering method into practice. Your plants will love you more, especially during the hot, dry summer.


Recycle plastic bottles into a water irrigation system for your garden beds or vegetable garden. Drill small holes in the base of a bottle, fill with water and place these in your beds or close to veggies. - 6333255715857567/



This golden oldie idea is still a good one... drill small holes in a plastic bottle and tape this to the end of your hose pipe. It makes an ideal sprinkler for the lawn and waters in all directions. You can put holes in specific areas if you only need to water a specific piece of lawn or a garden bed.



You can also make this sprinkler for kids fun when they are out playing in the garden. Leave it flat on the grass or hang it from the branch of a tree and let the kids cool down on hot days.








When you need a watering can, what better way to recycle a plastic bottle simply by making a few holes in the bottle cap. I find this one very handy and have one closely situated by the vegetable garden and one that I use for container plants. You can also add some Seagro organic fertilizer to the water and feed your plants at the same time. - 119626933827113429/



Scoops are handy for both indoors and outdoors and using thicker plastic bottles makes for a very sturdy scoop. I have used fabric softener bottles, Jik bottles and even cold drink bottles, to fashion a variety of scoops that come in handy. You can use scoops when you are out in the garden for adding mulch around plants in beds and borders, but I have fashioned scoops for shifting potting soil, dishing out dog food, and have made scoops for the kids to use in the sandpit. - 6192518214126096/


If you have a cat or dog at home, recycle plastic bottles to make scoops for dishing out dog food or for cleaning kitty litter. - 50102614581631165/



Plastic storage containers that you no longer need are great for protecting your outdoor electrical tools or for when you are planning an outdoor celebration. It's never wise to leave electrical cables exposed to the elements, especially when gardening, so turn a plastic storage container into a temporary protective case for where you need to use an extension cable.









Summer or winter, making bird feeders, water bottles or birdhouse using plastic water bottles is a fun project for the kids that are guaranteed to attract wildlife to a garden. It's also an eco-friendly alternative by recycling plastic bottles instead of buying manufactured alternatives. - 389561436511226793/


There are so many other ways to recycle plastic into useable and practical items for the garden. Next time, before you throw plastic into the trash, think about ways you could possibly put this to use - indoors or outdoors.




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