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Paving Tiles made from recycled plastic waste

One Delhi-based company in India is paving the way with paving tiles manufactured using 30,000 grocery bags of plastic waste.


Delhi-based Shayna Ecounified India is paving the way with paving tiles manufactured using over 30,000 plastic grocery bags. The plastic paving tiles have started being installed and will eventually cover a 1,500 square feet in the city centre.



The plastic paver tiles offer two benefits for this busy city; not only will it will solve the problem of being easy to fix should any digging be required to repair or replace underground pipes or cables - reducing labour and high cost normally associated with this type of inner-city repair - these tiles are also guaranteed for a lifetime.

The company states that "We are always in the process of experimenting with reducing and reusing plastic waste. In the past we have refurbished plastic into several products, and including furniture. These plastic paver tiles will be used in two of the city’s prime locations to attract maximum attention."





While there are various ways of recycling plastic waste products, this particular application is definitely one that countries around the world could put into effect.

A range of designer tiles are available in exclusive prints, patterns, colours and textures. It is hard to believe that these tiles are manufactured using plastic waste. Extremely lightweight, these durable designer wall and floor tiles are eco friendly products that will reduce the carbon footprint of any home.



For more information visit Unfortunately, these products are not yet exported outside India, but I'm hoping that there is a visionary entrepreneur out there that sees the benefits of this type of waste project.



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