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Recycle old CD's into sculptures

How many of us still have piles of old CD's lying around somewhere at home? I know I still have containers filled with back-ups that I keep for just in case. Imagine being able to recycle or upcycle old CD's into imaginative sculptures that could be sold. That's exactly what Sean Avery has done and what so many others could be doing!



Using nothing more than a wire mesh frame, CD fragments and a hot glue gun, Sean has created a collection of sculptures for home and garden. Perhaps we should take a closer look at everyday items and think of creative ways to reuse, repurpose or recycle. Who knows, they may well become collectors pieces in the not too distant future!





Very striking to look at, a person could not look at him without making a comment. Put something like him on a coffee table and it will always be an interesting discussion point.



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