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Turn an old tyre into a tranquil pond

While you may not have an old tyre lying around, when you do get a tyre change or pop new tyres onto your car, here's a unique way to use an old tyre to make a tranquil water feature or pond for the garden or a balcony.







Dig out a hole to the side of the tyre, or leave this step out if you prefer to have a raised pond or water feature.

Place some soft sand at the bottom to protect the plastic liner from future damage, especially if you don't want any leaks !

Use heavy-duty liner for lining the inside of the tyre. Normal plastic is not thick enough and you will need to visit your garden centre or a pool supply shop for buy heavy-duty liner for this project.

Before you fasten the edge of the liner down, fill the pool quarter full with water to add weight to the bottom.

Now you can add decorative stones along the edge of the liner to secure and finish off. If you have opted for the raised pond or water feature, place an arrangement of larger rocks around the outside of the tyre and smaller ones on top to hide the plastic.

Now all you need to do is add a small water pump, plug it in, sit back and relax !



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