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How to make a solar oven

You can make a small solar oven using nothing more than a pizza box, tin foil and a few other easily available supplies. This handy solar oven is perfect for when you are out having a picnic or braai and need to warm something up. In fact, you can even use this solar oven to bake cookies and cakes.




Used pizza box or other cardboard box with a lid
Sello tape
Cling film
Scissors and craft knife
Aluminium foil
Black cardboard






Carve a flap in the lid of your pizza box using scissors or a craft knife. Fold the flap back.

Wrap aluminium fold around the flap - shiny side facing - keeping it as unwrinkled as humanly possible. Tape down the foil at the back of the flap.

Now double up a square of cling film and tape it over the hole, ensuring everything is completely airtight. Tape it in place.

More taping. This time, it's taping the black cardboard to the base of the pizza box.

Scrunch up some newspaper and line the sides of the pizza box with it and then add a few strips of aluminium foil to cover the newspaper. Tape the newspaper covered with tin foil in place.

Find a toasty spot and angle your aluminium foil flap in a way that will bounce sunlight straight into your cling film window. Pop in your goods to be baked and then tape the box securely closed. Give it a good four hours at least, but be sure to keep checking in the meantime.



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