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Plascon RemovAll - Tough on paint, easy on the environment

ONLY Plascon RemovALL can provide biodegradable, waterbased and non-carcinogenic coating removers.


It is the most environmentally aware and easiest way of removing coatings, restoring wood and cleaning surfaces. NEW Hydro2™ makes Plascon RemovALL:

• Safe and easy to use
• Environmentally aware
• Biodegradable
• Non-toxic
• Low on odour
• Methylene Chloride free

RemovALL All Purpose Paint Remover (RRA 220, RRA 210, RRA 200)
• The safest and easiest way to remove chipping, peeling or unsightly paint from areas that need repainting.

RemovALL Multi Layer Paint Remover (RRM 40)
• Provides the solution for areas that have been repainted multiple times and is ideal for surface restoration. Best for doors, windowsills, gutters and burglar proofing.

RemovALL High Performance Coatings Remover (RRH 520, RRH 510)
• A safe and easy way to remove tough, hard-wearing and industrial coatings. Best for water tanks, storage tanks and other mild steel surfaces.





RemovALL Simple Wash (RWS 80)
• For cleaning and brightening wooden decks and other exterior surfaces.
• Remove grime, mildew, water and rust stains from exterior surfaces.

RemovALL Weathered Wood Restorer (RWW 20)
• Removes the grey look from wood and restores its natural beauty.
• Immediately removes grey wood fibres, watermarks, mildew and mould.

RemovALL Coating Remover for Wood (RWI 220)
• Effectively removes paint, varnish, polyurethane and lacquer coatings from wood.
• The gel formulation clings to vertical surfaces for optimal results.

RemovALL Rust Remover & Concrete Etcher (RCC 120)
• Quickly and successfully removes rust from many metal surfaces.

RemovALL Rust Remover & Concrete Etcher (RCC 120)
• Quickly and efficiently etches concrete, giving the surface a profiled finish that coatings can really cling to.

RemovALL Graffiti & Gunk Remover (RCG 400)
• Removes spray paint, permanent marker, wax, crayon and label residue.

RemovALL Grease & Grime Remover (RCS 60)
• For stubborn cleaning jobs around the house, workshop, laundry and more.

RemovALL High Strength Cleaner & Degreaser (RCI 70)
• Quickly cuts through grease, industrial soils and petroleum-based liquid products.


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