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Solar powered cooking

SunFire Solutions offer the most eco-friendly cooking and lighting alternatives in Southern Africa. With a range that includes a solar cooker, solar cooking box and Solar power pack, this is just one way to become more eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint.


The SunFire range of Outer focus Parabolic Solar Cookers can boil up to a liter of water in 4 minutes - that as fast as your kettle but without using any energy other than sunlight!

With a power output of 2000watts and a total weight of 20 kg, the unit is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, weekend entertaining in the garden, or for those who want to make a difference.

Solar Box Cookers are ideally suited to baking, stews and soups.

SunCook Box Cookers cook delicious meals with performance varying between half as fast as conventional ovens to almost the same speed.

The SunCook Combines elaborate optics and high quality materials to harness the suns energy delivering users a first class cooking experience. SunCooks are also ideally suited for outdoor enthusiasts with the resulting food being far more succulent than food from conventional ovens

The SunCook offers a superior cooking experience...

Food just tastes better

  • Food Never Burns
  • No need for Stirring
  • No need/use for Electricity or other harmful and  expensive fuels
  • Complete Cooking Independence

SunCooks are supplied with cooking vessels, require no assembly and have a 2 year warranty.





The FireFly 50 LED Power pack lamp includes:

- 5 Watt Solar Panel, 12v5.OAh

- 4 LED Lamps, with two settings

- Cell phone charging (adapters available separately)

- The Power pack comes with a 12v rechargeable battery with inbuilt over-charge / discharge protection providing over 2 years of useable life.

- Batteries recharge in approx. 6.5 Hours when the panel is placed in direct sunlight and the lamp is not used for longer than outlined below

- 1 Lamp 50 Hours , 2 Lamps 25 Hours

- 3 Lamps 16 Hours, 4 Lamps 12 Hours

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