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Are Tinted Solar Window Films Effective?

Unless you are considering replacing your windows with energy-efficient frames, window film might be a way to better insulate the rooms in a home.



I will be sharing a project with you shortly where I am adding a herb garden to fit into two of my south-facing kitchen windows. This will allow me to bring herbs into the kitchen and create my very own kitchen herb garden where I can pick fresh herbs for my cooking. The only problem with the location is that I fear the too-bright sunlight might damage the plants and, for this reason, I have purchased some tinted solar window film to block out 40% sunlight to protect the plants.

Tinted solar window film is not something new and people have been installing this on their motor vehicles for many years. You only have to stand at the side of a road to see how many vehicles now have tinted solar windows, and most of these are installed at the factory as an extra.



Tinted window film offers an easy solution to filtering sunlight into a home. You can purchase a window film that offers varying degrees of protection, from a light (40%) grey to a dark (60%) grey, although it is always better to check the tinting level when shopping for window film.







I have previously featured an article where tinted window film was applied to my upstairs bedroom window. This was quite a few years back and it is still on the windows. In the article, you will find full instructions for applying the window film. I must have done an excellent job with the installation because it still looks as good as new ;)



Put simply, a window film is a film consisting of strong polyester and metallic coatings that are bonded together and applied to the interior surface of a glass window pane. Not all tinted window films are the same and there are some on the market that do not absorb UV rays, so always check on the specifications if you are looking for a tinted solar window film.







The goal behind applying a tinted window film is to block out as much UV as possible, whether you want to protect your furniture and/or fittings from sun damage, give you more privacy in the home, or control how much UV light streams through your windows. A tinted window film allows a home (or car) interior to stay cool without blocking out too much light.

You can take a look at this article for more information on window tinting and the benefits.




Not just ideal for blocking UV light, we list some of the benefits to you that installing a tinted window film can offer:


  1. Will save you money on a monthly basis by reducing your energy bills.

  2. Blocks out harmful UV light that can bleach or fade upholstered furniture and fittings.

  3. A reflective window film offers privacy from overlooking neighbours or street traffic.

  4. Acts almost like a laminate to hold glass shards together in the event of breaking a window. NOT safety glass.

  5. Tinted window film is considered as a green building alternative for those not able to afford total window replacement.







Whether you choose to go the DIY route like me or have a professional installer put in tinted window film, it's not an expensive product and you will notice the benefits.









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