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Educating the next generation

Being a green parent is good for your health as well as your family's health and future!


Take more walks

Instead of loading your kids into the car and driving to the park, why not walk there instead? If you love to bike, teach the kids how to ride a bicycle and pedal your way there! Children need to spend time outdoors and be involved in activities that enhance their motor skills.

If you don't have a park close to you, make it a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly habit to head for the country for short hikes. Not only will the kids expend all that built up energy, but it will be good for you too!

Downsize the family car

While you're at it, rethink that giant SUV parked in your driveway. Most hybrids have more space than you think and they are so much more energy efficient. Just because you're a parent, doesn’t mean you have to drive a minivan.

Get cooking

Help your child become a little chef by introducing him to the fun of shopping! Take him to the farmer's market or a pick-your-own organic farm and let him select some of the produce. When you bring it home, allow him to help you make a simple, healthy and organic meal. The pride he'll feel by helping to select the produce and make the meal will translate to an empty plate!

In a world of processed foods and lean budgets, it can be difficult to make the right choices when it comes to food, but it's important to discover more about the importance of organic foods, non-GMO, and nutritionally balanced eating while encouraging healthy habits. Wholesome food can be accessible to every family. All we need is to take small steps, one at a time, to see a pervasive impact on our health, our environment and our future.





Drink more water

We all have fears about the quality of water coming out of our taps and the best solution is to have a certified water filter fitted. A quality water filtration system produces clearer, better-tasting water. We need to encourage children to drink more water - but let's at least make sure that our drinking water is safe enough to drink!

Turn off the telly

In the name of conserving energy, turn off the television! Sure, there are some great educational programs for kids, but why not indulge her in an education of your own. Get outside and talk about nature. Explain why it is important to plant trees, to care for the natural surrounding habitat, and to protect the environment. Make it fun and engage your child. Let her know that it's up to her to make a difference!

Encourage children to take up a hobby that's designed to focus active minds in the right direction - cooking classes, arts and crafts, DIY workshops - all are designed to let children use their imagination and creativity in a good way.

Healthy and clean

Clean your children's toys and play equipment with a natural cleaning solution made with borax, vinegar, lemon juice and a bit of hot water. However, let kids be kids - they are going to go outside and get dirty. Let it happen. When it's bath time, select natural soaps and shampoos to wash away the dirt from the day.

Eco kids

Introduce your child to simple steps for saving water every day. Turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth. Don't fill up the entire tub for bath time. Only flush when it's… well, you know. These little habits are the beginnings of helping him to becoming eco-friendly in his own right.



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