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Ways that you can save water

Reuters reported in February of this year that an energy crunch is predicted to hit as early as 2012 despite the fall in demand for energy during the recession.


There is a lot we can do on an individual level to curb the energy crisis and save water. Becoming more energy efficient at home is crucial in conserving resources.

Drink from a chilled jug

Don't run the tap until the water is cold; instead fill up a jug and leave it to chill in the fridge. You might want to use a filter jug as well, which will purify your water further.

Wash up in a bowl

Wash your dishes and your veg in a bowl instead of leaving the tap running. The left over water you use to wash your fruit and vegetables can be recycled when you water your house plants or garden.





Economise on your washing machine and dishwasher

Both these appliances should have eco-settings and even if not, 40°C is appropriate for most detergents when washing your clothes, and making sure that both operate only when full will economise and allow you to save water.

Flush less away

Did you know that a brick wrapped in bubble-wrap or plastic carrier bag reduces the amount of water in the toilet cistern and thereby cuts back on what gets flushed away.

Save while you brush

Don't leave the tap running while brushing your teeth. Fill a drinking glass with water and use this to rinse out between brushing.

Shower instead of bathe

This is probably the most obvious way you could save on water. Every time you have a bath you use 80 -150 litres of water. In a single use, this is the largest amount of water you can consume - more than a washing machine or dishwasher. Of course, you could always bathe with a friend!

Fix leaks

A dripping toilet, a leaky tap - these are the most obvious of quick fixes, and fixing up leaks can save from 12 -20 litres of water a day.

Ban the sprinkler

Design your garden to be as water wise as possible - Indigenous plants require far less care and attention. The average garden will flourish with a good soaking once a week rather than a little every day. Take the time to enjoy your garden and use a hosepipe to water plants individually.

Use a bucket

Washing the car with buckets of water rather than hoses can save you 500 litres per wash.

Conserve rain water

If you have the space, a Jo-Jo water tank can cater for all the watering needs in your garden over summer and save you 1000s of litres. If you're worried about breeding mosquitoes, make sure you get a water butt with a tight cover or get one with a tap at the bottom and cover the surface of the collected water with a layer of oil (vegetable or olive oil) to prevent the biting beasts from incubating.


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