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Plascon Nuroof Cool

Plascon introduces Plascon Nuroof Cool, a cutting-edge roof paint with Enviroshield that combines performance, beauty and potential energy savings.


If it's time to paint your roof, perhaps you should consider a quality product that looks good and saves you money.

Roof surfaces capture enormous amounts of the sun's energy because of their large surface area and angle of exposure. Nuroof Cool's Enviroshield™ formulation reflects at least 30% of the invisible infra-red light off the surface, resulting in cooler roof surfaces, which translates into cooler interior spaces.

  Keeping the sun at bay equates to lower roof temperatures, which means less stress and strain on the coating and the roof – this promotes longer roof life and less need to paint it as often. With a lower roof temperature, interior spaces are kept cooler, with potentially reduced air-conditioning, a lowering of energy consumption, and increased comfort. So, you're not only protecting your roof, you're conscious of the environment while potentially saving on costs.





Nuroof Cool is South Africa's first roof paint with Plascon's new 12-year Product Quality Guarantee. A first in South Africa, the 12-year guarantee demonstrates Plascon's faith in the Enviroshield™ technology. Their faith is so strong that should a home whose roof was painted with Nuroof Cool change owners, the guarantee will transfer to the new owners of the home.



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