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Solar powered containers

Because shipping containers are made to travel in extreme conditions, they are robustly built and are ideal for affordable structures that require mobility, security, and reliability.  By combining the container strength with engineered green building components, this system can withstand hurricane force winds, travel securely with panels attached and wired, and be operational within an hour of deployment.


Employing patent-pending design and material innovation, SPACE is a sustainable workspace and mobile solar generator made up of four major components: 

  • Up-cycled shipping container housing a climate controlled work/ storage space
  • Proprietary solar rack capable of producing up to 5 kW of solar power
  • Self-contained battery end-cap with 5 days of battery backup
  • Advanced renewable energy power management system. 





Fully integrated, SPACE units are capable of accommodating job site activities, special events, and emergency response operations. With its portability and small footprint, SPACE is suitable for a variety of applications:

  • Disaster relief centre
  • Triage/medical office
  • Educational centre
  • Parks and Rec. space
  • Security kiosk
  • Sales/marketing centre
  • Construction field office
  • Off-Grid restrooms

SPACE (Solar Powered Adaptive Container for Everyone) was founded in 2008. After success with the inaugural grid-tied sales office, the team developed a mobile off-grid prototype aimed at applications that require secure, portable, robust, power generation. Harvest Moon is a new development company dedicated to sustainable development in Houston, TX. A father-and-son team, the company aims to build projects that beautify our city, reduce our energy needs, and improve our overall quality of life. By emphasizing the value of neighborhoods, high design and construction, and technology, Harvest Moon looks to take leadership in developing sustainable projects that go beyond today's trends.



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