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Weaving old clothes

This week we look at weaving with recycled materials in our craft section, show the kids how to make a weaving loom, so I'm carrying the theme through to the Green section and using old t-shirts as weaving materials.

This project is by AlphMom and she shows us how to use old t-shirts for weaving practical items to use in the home.


Peg loom - or make your own with 6mm dowels on a sturdy frame
Old t-shirts
String (optional)
Masking tape






Step 1
Cut all your fabric into 2 cm-wide strips as long as possible.

Step 2
Loop your loom with string.

Step 3
Tape end of fabric with masking tape to make it easier to thread through the string rows. Tie fabric end to starting row of string.

Step 4
Start weaving over and under.

Step 5
Tie off at the ends as you change colour by fastening the fabric to the end string row.

Step 6
To finish, tie off the end to the last string row. You can tuck in the knots on the sides to neaten your weaving, but since we were sewing ours, we didn’t bother with this step. I’m going to make some of these on my own to use as dishcloths.

Here are a few weaving projects where you can put your new talents to good use. These are all items that are practical for a home and upcycle old clothing in wonderful ways.



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