Repurpose or Reuse Plastic ZipSeal Bags

ZipSeal or Ziploc bags are just another plastic item to pollute our planet but they are useful and there are plenty of ways to repurpose or reuse these in the home.






While I find ZipSeal bags very handy for food storage, I'm not fond of the idea that another plastic item has been added to the extensive list of plastic pollution. Just the other day, I discovered that the Maizena that use regularly has gone from a cardboard box to a plastic container... Why!


One thing I do regularly so that I can reuse my ZipSeal bags regularly is turn them inside out and wash them with hot, soap water. Just drape them over a wooden spoon in the drying rack, let them dry and turn them right side out for reuse. Now I don't feel so guilty about using them. After a bit of searching around, I also found even more ways to repurpose or reuse plastic ZipSeal bags, check these out below:



Drawer Organisation





It is so easy for drawers to become a dumping ground for items that have no place to go and because they are 'out of sight and out of mind', they are a quick place to dispose of clutter. Before you know it, drawers are jam-packed and so disorganised that you literally have to shift everything out of the way to find what you are looking for. But wait, there is a very simple way to organise drawers in a home.



To clean all types of plastic bags, first wash the outside of the bag in warm, soapy water, rinse and then turn the bag inside-out and repeat. Place the washed bag on a wooden spoon in the dish rack and let it dry. Now you can use these plastic bags over and over again!



Many of us use plastic ZipSeal or Ziploc bags in the kitchen and throw them in the trash after one use and yet, it is so easy to turn them inside out, wash them in soapy water before letting them dry to use them again. Even after using them time and again, if the seal still works there are plenty of ways to use these before they need to be tossed out.



Use plastic ZipSeal or Ziploc bags to corral clutter and easily organise all the drawers in your home. They are perfect for storing items small or large depending on the size of bags you use.





Organisation in the Home





USB cords, corded headphones, cellphone chargers, and more can be a nightmare and I wish that they would invent a single charger that fits into all electronic devices. That means we are stuck with these cords lying around. Do yourself a favour and keep all the cords in the same place by storing them in a ZipSeal or Ziploc bag where you can find them easily. Keep the cords together with a snap clip or bulldog clip that can be marked to identify which device the cord is for. Brilliant!





Larger ZipSeal or Ziploc resealable plastic bags are ideal for storing plenty of items. Keep your recipes organised and clean by slipping them into a ZipSeal bag. It will keep them safe and also protect them when you use your recipes in the kitchen. If you plan weekly menus or have a food plan, keep these in plastic bags and keep them in a file. Both of these ideas will save you from buying plastic sleeves and are a great way to repurpose and reuse plastic ZipSeal bags. 



If your family loves to gather for a game night or you love jigsaw puzzles, make sure that you don't lose any pieces by storing these in small ZipSeal bags. Mark the bags with a permanent marker for easy identification.





Keep bathrooms neat and tidy and use resealable bags to store bath time toys. Dry the toys before placing them in the bags.




Travel and Holidays





Trips to the beach can be sticky and sandy when kids' clothes get tossed aside in favour of swimwear and a mad dash into the water. Rather than have to contend with sand everywhere, pack clothes in a large ZipSeal or Ziploc bag to keep them sand-free.





Sand, water and cell phones don't go together so pack your cell phone safely in a ZipSeal or Ziploc bag to keep it safe when you're on the beach or lounging next to the swimming pool.





Avoid fashion disasters when you are on holiday. When packing your suitcases pair clothes with fashion accessories placed in a ZipSeal or Ziploc bag. That way, when you unpack you can keep everything together.





ZipSeal and Ziploc bags are just the thing for grooming essentials, cosmetics, and the medications you need to take while away. Make sure the bags are clean and dry before filling them up.





Children's Rooms





In most homes, children's bedrooms as the messiest, what with all their toys and school supplies. However, repurposing and reusing ZipSeal bags provides an easy solution in many ways.



Keep your child's artwork in clear plastic ZipSeal bags and hang them on a wall or noticeboard. It is easy to switch out and replace artwork when you want to.





If your child loves jigsaw puzzles, store these in ZipSeal bags inside the box so that pieces do not get lost.





Contain clutter in a child's bedroom by storing small toys in reusable bags.





Craft and Hobby Supplies

Crafts and hobbies usually come with a lot of supplies and keeping these organised doesn't have to be a tiresome chore, especially if you can repurpose ZipSeal bags for storage. Because they are transparent, it is easy to keep tabs on what is inside and the reusable seal ensures that nothing gets lost.





Whatever your favourite pastime, craft, or hobby, reusing ZipSeal bags is good for the environment and will have all your supplies organised in no time.





For kids' crafts, placing art supplies and accessories in reseasable bags makes it easy to contain clutter and the kids will easily find what they need at a glance.





Knitting, sewing, crochet and more, whatever supplies you need such as thread, buttons, and fasteners, can all be safely stored together in ZipSeal bags.





First Aid Kit



Whether you are out in the country, going on holiday, or just chilling at home, every home should have a first-aid kit. Pack bandages, plasters, medications and salves in clear resealable bags for easy access when you need them. Be sure to check the expiry date on items so that they can be regularly replaced.





As you can see, there are so many ways to repurpose or reuse plastic ZipSeal or Ziploc bags and you are sure to come up with your own creative ideas for using them.



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