A Cost-Efficient and Easy Solution to Add Double Glazing

Having double-glazing installed is an expensive undertaking but there is a way to DIY double-glazing that will provide all the benefits without the high cost and inconvenience.






This DIY installation of double-glazing is not only one a DIY enthusiast could tackle, it is also an easy project that gives an affordable and energy-efficient outcome.



Double glazing the windows in a home offers the homeowner added insulation that keeps a home cool in summer and warm in winter. It is also an excellent way to increase the insulation of a home and counts towards making any home 'greener' by reducing electrical costs for heating and cooling a home. But what is double glazing and how does it benefit the homeowner?







What is Double Glazing?

Being originally from the UK many, many years ago, I know that many homes are fitted with windows that are double-glazed to keep them warm during the colder months of the year. Double glazing is exactly what the name denotes: a double layer of glass installed on a window. Instead of a single pane of glass, the double layer has a gap between the two pieces of glass and it is this airtight layer that provides insulation.



Double glazing is installed to improve insulation, prevent heat loss or gain and reduce noise pollution.





We all know that windows and doors are the main culprits for heat loss and gain and, while doors can be fitted with foam rubber insulation around the frame and a draught excluder at the bottom, it is not quite as easy as that with windows. Yes, you can add insulation around the window frames on windows that open, but it is the expanse of glass in windows where most heat loss and gain occurs. Double-glazed windows reduce heat loss and gain and effectively envelop the structure with a layer of insulation that, in this country, works during both summer and winter.



How Expensive is Double-Glazing?

The main negative aspect of double-glazing is the cost of installation and this cost varies on the type and style of window and the total number of windows that need to be fitted. An estimated cost to replace a single window 900mm wide works out to about R4,000 per window. That's a hefty amount if you are replacing more than 1 or 2 windows.







DIY Double Glazing for a Home

Like many home improvement projects, DIY double-glazing is possible and it is also possible that this DIY alternative will save you a lot of money and still provide insulation for a home. The video below explains how to install this double glazing solution and how it benefits the homeowner. 




PVC U-shaped channel

3mm Duracryl** or clear acrylic

Double-sided tape

Silicone or acrylic sealer

Caulking gun



What is Duracryl?

Duracryl acrylic sheet offers an exceptionally long lifespan and offers outstanding weather resistance. Duracryl is an acrylic sheet that has similar characteristics to perspex but is available readily and at an affordable price. Find Duracryl sheet at your nearest Builders store.



Duracryl is a safe and affordable alternative to glass and increases the insulation barrier when used for double glazing.



To maintain the lifespan of Duracryl acrylic sheet only use mild cleaners to wipe down the surface. Avoid cleaners that contain harsh solvents as this may damage the surface.













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