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Harvesting Rainwater in Your Backyard - Working with Nature

‘Water is life’ and harvesting rainwater in your backyard becomes a simple and user-friendly way of protecting this natural resource and saving our planet.





Harvesting rainwater is an environmentally friendly buzzword and an eco-friendly solution to conserving and reusing one of nature’s most precious resources. It is highly unlikely that you have not been party to a conversation about rainwater harvesting, its benefits and your domestic options.

The fact that we can find ways to collect, store and re-use rainwater, in our gardens, is hugely empowering and a responsible motivation to looking after our planet and responding to the global water crisis.







Making the most of nature

The principle of collecting rainfall is not a new concept, and ‘rooftop’ rainwater harvesting is a simple and cost-effective solution for every household, whether you are living in the town or the country. Your roof becomes the ‘catchment’ surface for collecting the water and then directing it into a water tank for storage and re-use.

Depending on the amount of air pollution in your area, collecting rainwater before it touches the ground and becomes polluted by silt and other chemicals means it is relatively pure and uncontaminated - safe for drinking as well as for irrigation purposes. The purity of the water will obviously also depend on the water collection container, and filtering or boiling it will make it even safer for domestic consumption.

That is why household water storage systems are taking the world by storm (excuse the pun), offering you an affordable and user-friendly rainwater harvesting solution, making it a simple way of partnering with nature and being ‘water-wise.’ Why wouldn’t you?

Coming in all shapes, sizes and colours, with accessories to maximise versatility, there is a solution to suit your functional needs and complement your outdoor aesthetic.



The benefits of rainwater harvesting

If you are needing the motivation to invest in a water storage system for your
backyard, the following benefits might just persuade you:


  • ● A money saver: After the initial purchasing and installation costs, there is no
    denying that your monthly water bill will see a welcome reduction - especially
    if you are no longer buying bottled water for drinking - yet another way of
    saving our planet and reducing landfills - and if you intend on using the
    harvested rainwater for garden irrigation purposes, topping up your pool and
    washing your car.
  • ● A sanity saver: The reality of municipal water outages, punitive municipal
    water tariffs and water shortages makes a rainwater harvesting system a
    no-brainer for households.
  • ● A planet saver: No matter where you fall on the ‘Greenpeace’ scale, it just
    makes sense to do our little bit from our corner of the world to conserve our
    natural resources. A simple backyard rainwater harvesting system is a good
    place to start. And on a larger scale, you will be helping with flood control with
    less of your water leaving your property in the storm water drain and also
    reducing soil erosion.
  • ● A community saver: In many informal and under-resourced areas,
    communities have no access to clean running water for their households.
    Harvesting rainwater is a winning solution in safeguarding the wellness of
    individuals in affected urban and rural contexts. This can be really effective in
    a community context, using water collected on community structures, rather
    than individual dwellings.



Water is life

Reducing our ecological footprint and harvesting rainwater are small steps to protecting a precious natural resource and a solution in advancing water security. And, as a viable supplementary source, it ensures that all people can have access to
clean running water which is a basic human right. A commitment to reusing rainwater has shown to have economic, social and environmental benefits, and it can start in your own backyard.


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