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Can You Really Save Money on Utilities With Direct Energy?

We delve into the question of whether Direct Energy really helps you save money on your utility bill.


Did you know that on average, an American family spends $2,200 on utilities per year? And that out of this, $1200 is for electricity? Unless you are extremely wealthy, you’d want to slash this number by half or even a quarter if you could. Is that even possible? What can you do about it?

Apart from the usual—utilizing natural light, opening the blinds during hit months and using the oven more—many Americans are looking into alternative energy providers that perhaps have cheaper products for their consumers.

Among the many retailers in the market, Direct Energy has generated quite some buzz in the recent years. Today, we delve into the question of whether Direct Energy really helps you save money on your utility bill.

Direct Energy

Direct Energy is one of the leading suppliers of electricity, natural gas and a wide range of home services in North America. Currently, the company serves over 4 million residential and commercial customers across America and 8 provinces in Canada. With annual revenue of over $14 billion and more than 6,000 employees, Direct Energy is headed for the stars (if they aren’t there already).

Part of their commercial solutions includes energy monitoring and analytics, energy audits, demand response, onsite generation, energy efficiency, and renewables.

Do They Really Help Save Your Utility Bill?

Direct Energy prides itself in having decades of expertise in energy operations. It claims to be the more than just your usual supplier, bringing something new on the table and helping you reduce your utility bills.
Here are some advantages of Direct Energy to help bring things into perspective.

1. Good Prices

Direct Energy and its rival, Constellation seems to be the only two providers with good prices for many locations. Others like Just Energy feature sky-high prices in many states. This is quite commendable and is probably the reason many people are gravitating in their direction.

2. Flexible Contract Lengths

One other advantage of Direct Energy is its flexible contract lengths. Consumers have a choice to pick a plan that suits them and allows them to save as much money as possible. Many other retail providers such as Ambit Energy offer variable rate plans which can be pretty expensive and unstable for certain customers.

3. Attractive Discounts And Rewards

As a new Direct Energy customer, you are entitled to a $50 Direct Energy Bill Credit Coupon Code. The retail energy provider also has quite a number of other attractive discounts and rewards across the year.

4. Smart Thermostat Plan

A thermostat is given by Direct Energy to help certain customers control their energy usage. It is a unique option that has helped many bring down their energy bill by a sizable margin.

5. Green Energy Choices

If you want to go green and save the environment and your wallet, Direct Energy can hook you up with one of their varieties of green energy choices.


Signing up with Direct Energy may indeed save money on utilities. With the good pricing plans, thermostat options, flexible contract lengths, green energy choices, and the attractive rewards and discounts, you can substantially cut down the figure on your utility bill considerably.



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