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It's time to upgrade to energy efficient appliances

Every home is filled with electronic appliances, from washing machines to hairdryers. Older appliances are electrical vampires that suck away your monthly electricity budget. Upgrade to energy efficient appliances and save on your monthly bill and reap the benefits of advanced features.


Energy efficiency is all about doing more, but using less energy and saving money. Today's energy efficient appliances can save you up to 30% on your monthly electricity costs. When our lives rely on electrical appliances it make sense to bring your home up to date with new technology.  As our reliance on appliances and energy prices increase, choosing energy-efficient appliances becomes even more important.





Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of home appliances. When buying new home appliances consider energy use in addition to purchase price and advanced product features to save money and energy, as well as reduce your carbon footprint over the lifetime of the product. Our individual carbon footprint is defined as the total amount of carbon monoxide and greenhouse gasses released into the environment. Since energy-efficient appliances have lower emissions - they play an important part in helping reduce your carbon footprint.

Here are just a few reasons why you need to invest in energy saving appliances:

Refrigerators and Freezers

Refrigerators and freezers have been improved upon substantially with the importance of energy efficiency coming to the fore. You may feel that you are paying more for a refrigerator that looks almost the same as it did 5 to 10 years ago, but with the introduction of CFC/HFC free gas cooling system, reduced energy consumption, increased insulation and improved compressors, a newer model costs far less to run when you consider that a refrigerator or freezer older than 10 years uses 40% more energy than newer models.

Washing Machines

With models that reduce time and energy and offer better performance, today's washing machines do everything but fill themselves with washing! Fully electronic controls, programs for all washables, quietness of operation and increased drum size - all mean that you can forget about the washday blues. And there is an energy efficient model to fit in with every household budget.


Older model dishwashers not only more water, they also require more electricity to operate. Newer models feature a water management system, quiet operation and heat exchanger to reduce electrical consumption. Top models offer economy programs that allow dishwashers to be even more energy efficient by further reducing water consumption.

Not only are energy-efficient appliances more efficient, these appliances have a positive effect on the environment. It's time to make a conscious effort to contribute towards saving the environment, and reduce your energy bills when you do!


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