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Electricity: How Off-Grid Power Generators Can Power Your Tiny Home

How do tiny houses get electricity? One way is through generators. Read on to see how these machines can help you live off-grid.


Electricity: How Off-Grid Power Generators Can Power Your Tiny Home

There are many perks of living in a tiny house but with it comes many additional efforts. You have to cut down on electricity and water but this does not mean that you have to live without them.

There are many ways to get the basic necessities of life while living in a tiny house. Having an off-grid power generator can help you in having access to this necessity. One way tiny houses can get electricity is through installing a generator.

However, there are many other devices and machines that can give you access to the electricity making it off-grid housing.

Types of Machines That Can Give You Access to Electricity

“How Do Tiny Houses Get Electricity” is the most frequently asked question. Well, we have an answer to this and it is a positive one. If you always thought that you cannot have access to electricity in a tiny house then you were wrong.

Have you set-up your land for a tiny house. If not then you might need to go into some details to help you build a better place to live. If you are still doubtful about getting all the utilities that are basic and needed in the house then fret not.

There are many options that are available. There are different machines and devices that can help you in setting up electric supply to your tiny house.

Gas Generators

This is an off-grid power generator that is a gas powered generator. If you have access to gas in your house you can take full advantage of this machine. These have ample energy and rely on gas to provide electricity to your tiny house. There are many companies that produce this tiny house generator.

You just need to look for ones that are compatible with your tiny house. However, it comes with a downside. You would have to bear the noise and fuel expense.

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Solar Generators

The sun is considered a huge asset for people who are living in tiny houses. Realistically, the sun is a source of energy that helps people in warming their houses as well as providing sufficient light throughout the day.

People living in tiny houses can harness solar energy to suit themselves. Solar generators use solar panels to charge an internal battery. It is cost-efficient as well as a natural source of energy.

It can be installed easily. There is no noise or fumes if you use solar generators. There will also be no gasoline or wasted power.

Solar panels for a tiny house can work wonders. You just need to install it and your tiny house can be a peaceful place to live with access to green electricity from solar power.

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Using the Grid

If you feel that your electricity requirements can only be met if you connect your tiny house to the grid then it is possible. For this, you need to set up your house’s electrical system like an RV.

You would also need to have a 50 amp system in order to do perform big tasks like laundry. However, if you decide not to use them then going with a 30 amp system is also suitable for your tiny house.

There are many options that are available for people with tiny houses. They do not live without basic needs. They can get their utilities the same way people with conventional homes do.

These options are available for you. It now depends on your needs as to which option is best for your tiny house. An off-grid power generator is a blessing for tiny houses.

What are the Benefits of Off-Grid Power Generator?

Tiny house generator enables you to have access to electricity which is one of the basic needs. Shipping container homes are a new trend in South Africa that is now preferred by the local community.

With this housing system comes a need to adorn it with all the basic necessities that are needed and that are also available in a conventional housing system. Following are the benefits of having a tiny house generator.

It Gives You More Control

We all are aware of the hassle of going to the power company and getting electricity installed in your house. Well if you are relying on off-grid power generator then it can save your time as well as your visits to the company.

You are in control of your movements. If you need a change in your scenery or move out of a place then you just need to pick up the generator and find yourself on a new road. Having a power generator does not restrict your movement and you can move freely.

Saves Money

Unlike conventional homes, tiny houses rely on solar energy for most of their routine tasks. They use open spaces like the living room and natural light serves as a light in the house for the most part of the day.

While most generators can cost you up to $2000 but the energy you save from this generator has no parallel. You are not required to pay bills monthly as most of the electricity consumed is through off-grid power generator.

In addition to this, tint houses that rely on solar energy can keep their houses warm. This is an additional benefit in winters. In this way, you can save up a lot.

Natural Power Source

If you are using solar generators, you are relying on a natural power source. This allows you to use as much energy as you want without thinking about the cost.

Easy Installation

Many people tend to think that it is a hassle to install generators as it can take so much time and space. However, this is not true at all. You can seek professional help and get it installed in a few days.

This way you will be in safe hands. If you are getting your generator installed you might want to label the board as well. Labeling distribution boards to think better during emergency situations can be very helpful.

No Wasted Power

There will be no wasted power as you will be using it for some part of the day. This enables you to rely on the power generator in a more relaxed manner as you would not have bills to pay.

These are some of the advantages of using power generators.

The Downside to the Off-Grid Power Generator

Like any power supply, there are some disadvantages of using tiny house power generator. However, these disadvantages are trivial and do not really matter if you have gotten used to it. Some of them are given below.

  • • Noise: the noise coming out of the generator might give you a hard time to fall asleep. There is little that can be done. If you get used to the noise then it becomes a part of your routine. Otherwise, you might find it hard to keep up with the change.
  • • Fuel expense: since you have limited options in terms of giving your house electricity and if you are relying on a fuel powered generator then the cost might be too much for you. Arranging it every day or every other day can be a tiring task. So you need to prepare yourself for it.
  • • Smell: some house owners can experience odor if they are relying on the off-grid power generator. This, however, lasts for a short period of time.

These are some of the disadvantages of having an off-grid power generator. If looked closely these disadvantages are bearable and one can look at the upside. There are many advantages to having a tiny house generator.

So if you are a tiny house owner and are worried about having access to the basic necessities of life then do not worry. These options and easy installation methods can help you getting access to electricity anywhere you go.

How Will You Power Your Tiny House?

These are the options that are available for using off-grid power generator in your tine house. These options help you have a tiny house generator and with it, you can have access to all the basic need and necessities of life.

Relying on these machines can help you having access to electricity. If you are worried about home electrical then you should not fret about it as we have a solution to all our problems.

Read our blog for further home improvement ideas and to find a solution to your power problems.



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